Thursday, June 28, 2012

Addicted to Mobile Browsing

It's been so long that I content myself with a low end cellphone. I mentioned here in one of my post that I am rooting for a new one since the the one that I used is about to say it's goodbye. Luckily I have a generous mom. (Not to mention this specific goodness I am really lucky having her!)Anyway, About the new phone, I am enjoying much of this one. Or maybe just the thought that it is my first time to have my own brand of this unit. I enjoy exploring downloading applications and the rest about the phone. Hubby gave me the best statement when he says that Blackberry is one of the most expensive yet reasonable Operating System among mobile brands. Features really excites me as I learn every bit of it day by day. I once had an iPhone but I never enjoyed it, because I am not for touch screen phones. I have a sweaty hand and obviously that doesn't feel comfortable it will only make the screen messy. This qwerty blackberry is a very user friendly for me. I never enjoyed browsing in a mobile hone not until I try using this one. This addiction to mobile browsing make me stay awake till dawn.

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