Thursday, October 10, 2013

Right Way To Fly

 As I am rooting for a vacation after I gave birth to my second baby, just right in time Nuffnang and AirAsia Zest prepares a delightful treat to every Nuffnanger!. Indeed a generous treat for all of us.

As part of AirAsia Zest press release last 20th September 2013 that they’re moving its flights from Clark Airport to Manila in order to serve better more Filipinos who want to fly. AirAsia has been known for its affordable all in no hidden charges flight fares.  With a brand new name Air Asia Zest means it is officially partnered with Zest Air. Together with Nuffnang a treat for every Filipino their  AirAsia Zest, a Right Way To Fly!
I want to be part of the exciting contests that I list down the places I wanted to visit with my kids. I want to Travel in the Philippines with my beloved and enjoyable companions, my family.

My Brother background the Underground River during their Honeymoon

Puerto Princesa
Who wouldn't want to land on one of the seven wonders of the world?! It's a pleasure checking the place myself. Looking at its beauty personally with matching sahring the history with my toddler. I really wanted  to go to Puerto Princesa. It's one of my dream destination before I started dreaming of going globally.

Husband in Cebu , he was sent by his office to their branch there. So it was only him :(

The year husband and I got married, we have a supposedly honeymoon at Cebu and Bohol. The ticket  and our accommodation has been booked which is a gift from our Godparent residing in Cebu who's actually waiting for us then. For some reason, (because I m pregnant ) My OB did not allow me to travel because I am suffering from a severe edema. Our vacation and itenerary got wasted and our money too. But no regrets, It's for my safety but still I wanted to go to Cebu to visit our Godfather who never fails to bless us and include us, our family in his prayers. Oh by the way, Our Godfather is a dear priest friend of husband whom he acknowledge as his second dad.

My cousin(skin toned cover ups) enjoying the fine sands of Boracay with her Girlfriends

Believe it or not , my foot were not landing on Boracay yet!. I should've lots of opportunities when I was single, but visiting that place is not one of my dream during that time. I told myself I am gonna visit that place of heaven if I am with my  beloved family. And now having my beloved husband and kids I am now ready to meet and greet the sands of Boracay!.

Getting internationally, of coarse I have plans too! As of today these were just dreams but I know i no time I can make this dreams reality with the help of Air Asia Zest affordable rates too. Travel in Asia with AirAsia!
 Picture from

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Dreaming of seeing the highest peak mountain in Southeast Asia. As a former mountaineer way back in college, it's one of my dream climbing this Mt. Kinabalu at Malaysia. Although I know it is't easy as it says but ven only seeing the mountain personally seems like a dream come true already. I know today, that I have kids , it's impossible to go back in mountain climbing, probably whren my kids get older, wherein if they will love adventures as I do, I can tag them along to climb again.

My niece Yeong euni.

Incheon, South Korea
I am not a K Pop lover but that doesn't mean I am not loving to visit Incheon. I have good friends and a relative residing in Incheon and  would love to pay them a visit if I maybe given a chance to do so.

I am so excited as traveling made easier and convenient with this two budget friendly airlines now partnered and can give every Filipino an exciting travelventure! :D

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