Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Frustration Diverts to Shopping

This topic I am posting maybe not so new to those who frequently visited my blog. I am a hopper. Yes a call center hopper. I am not proud of it cause I know the implication of it was that I have an attitude problem. I admit I had. Accepting the fact helps me realize things and worked on to change it. As a new born mother everything was changed. Feels like I am an android cellular phone that experience a total reboot. From perceptions to goals. Everything changes. Only one thing that remains the same to me, I assumed, it's about me being optimistic. Today it is more strengthens. I believe that everything happens for great reasons and I will not be part of something if I am not going to learn anything about it. Of course I am a human that also feels frustrated at times and if this feeling comes along the way only one thing that makes me composed and positive again. Browsing at Zalora. Since 2009 that I started this guilty pleasure of online shopping. I am not that addictive perhaps 30 % of my online income went to online purchases. After making an assessment of myself, I got to learned that managing it as well will making me to be a better person. No denials, no defense mechanism. Accepting and working on how to turn things positively.

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simply kim said...

i so thankful i don't have the compulsion to shop, lol!

kimmy came here!


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