Thursday, February 20, 2014

Boiled Me Up

This has something to do with the person who made a scandal on our business premises the last time. I am mean; I admitted that for the nth time especially here in my blog. However I also disclaimed that I changed a lot since I was born as a mom. The incident happened the last time trigger me being back to the mean person I am. I lost control of myself that even husband and mom cannot stop me of asking a confrontation from that particular person. Actually the two of them felt the same. They just can handle it better than me but I know and they expressed that both of them were really mad to that person. In my extreme madness I posted to our shop’s Facebook page consciously I know that everyone in the place including her son, nephews and nieces will read. That’s actually my purpose instead of posting it on my own account. I am not afraid that they will find it out that words came from me, as a matter of fact I posted my name after my mean statement and shared it to my own account’s wall. Good thing about me today is that I can easily forgive, this is one of the good thing my kids taught me. Literally they didn’t know they did but I acquire the attitude when motherhood comes along my way. I don’t want to plant grudges cause I know it will affect me , my kids and my family. Forgive and let go. I am really a changed person now.


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