Tuesday, May 9, 2017


In my previous company I met good and best friends. Good friends that will guide you, mold you and laugh with you. Everyone is unique and not so righteous but everyone respects one another. It may not be that obvious but its real. There are differences but there's an acceptance. I was in an environment that I can say a best work place culture.

Then I expects. Moving from one place to another with a big hope that I will have the same community. With an open heart and patience and a big changes within I have expected a lot. And I got disappointed. I am used to different kinds of people but it stricken me that fast without me knowing. I was so disappointed at her. I let myself befriended to her because I thought we have the same visions, because I thought we have common beliefs about family, because I thought she is a better person that will lead me to a right path, because that's HOW she introduce herself. My fault that I hoped too much. Believed too much. I have a note in my station "Expect high on achievements and low on people" which was the very first of all sayings that I've printed yet I never learned my lesson. Almost weeks of stress and a little depression but realized that she never cared at all. Maybe it was just me who cared all this time. Note to self, I am formerly mean and I was taught to be nice, I became nice but was betrayed by my expectation but I won't be back to the old mean me just because of that failure. I can just walk away, avoid or don't give a damn care and I will be okay. Not all heart aches reason is from a lover sometimes it is also from a failure friendship. 

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