Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Not that I am going to post anything about something obscene or talent and what not.. It's simply about legs 😂😂.. It's been so long that I am not wearing any kind of clothes that will expose my legs. It started when I get pregnant to my second baby. I got some allergies that leave scars to my skin. Since I am not into cosmetics that will help remove or reduce scars and I am also not fond of vegies, I immediately gave up the fight of a good skin.
I am into shorts and skirts during the time that I only have my first born which is also one root of me and my husband's misunderstanding. Then when the time that I initiate not wearing those, I think my husband was the happiest on my decision. 
Just recently that I realized that my scars were no longer visible, there were some but can't barely notice. I wore a dress to a birthday party. It's been so long and I felt a little ashamed but husband said it's okay. Besides we borrowed my brothers car, maybe one reason my husband agreed on me wearing that. We need not to travel commuting from one ba/puv to another. I felt I was like a teen, the time when we met the first time. It gives me additional feeling of confidence. (regains confidence actually) I think I can buy clothes that I want.. hmmm 🤔

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