Saturday, November 29, 2008

happy b-day kHa

never expects to celebrate then my day but really God was so good giving me friends beside and people do still care..hehehe never thank enough you guys.. sorry if i can't express's me! I'm not sweet and expressive!..forgive me.. but really, i appreciate everything you've done..thanks for the greetings,for the surprise and thanks for everything..i love you guys..i will never forget my day because of you people..

late monsary message

Elow?! well i'm very sorry for this late monsary message.. mejo busy lng tlga kc wid my work and sana you understand nmn?! mahal mo nmn ako db?! hehe.. tnx very much for your effort regarding sa gift.. knowing your situation and the possibilities..hehehe.. pero i'm very much grateful and "touched" with that nice shirt.. masyado mo sineryoso ung cnv ko sau last monsary nten..hehe.. Thank you very much.. The message is.. sana ndi ka magbago at patuloy mo pa din ako mahalin, and i promise to return it back to you, kahit minsan ndi mo napapansin dahil sa mga ginagawa kong "unintentional actions".. sana on the other hand nakikita mo din ung good side kahit konti lng.. ung mga efforts ko and ung pagpupumilit kong magbago.. Pinipilit ko magbago for us.. para hindi mo ko iwanan..hehe..totoo tlga un kahit ndi ka naniniwala ng akala mo joke lng lagi pinapakita ko.. Ganun lng tlga akong tao and not a showy type of person.. Basta in the end of the day before ka matulog lagi mo isipin na andito lng ako palagi nagmamahal ng totoo sau.. Count me with that! I love you huny.. sooo much... mwuah..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

craving for twilight

i am not aware that I've already known bout the twilight, quite not interested at first but since my brother recall it to me bout the what were watching way back years ago, now i was refreshed..hehehe.. i've also read a blog about this maybe a month or two at wordpress. makes me more interested knowing that it was now on motion pictures..finally a movie :D..sort of remake already cause we have been watching these before as i've said..but now new castings and heard about the characters have a very good chemistry in the movie(i don't exactly know what this pertains to but it only adds my curiosity to watch the movie)..and the effects, setting, cinematography..whoa! some says great!so i am expecting a lot then..this is a vampire romance story..oh i also read about this(twilight) again to Joanne's page..that she was enjoying the book of summarizing my post i have first my stimulants to recall about twilight and now i am craving for it in big screen..hmmm i have to find more suitable schedule for me and honey to watch i have to wait for weekends then..hayy so far yet so near naman now??..Lol..and i've also seen the trailer and the making of the movie on the net..really a nice shots..i really want to watch this!..hmmmm weekends! weekends!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ironically almighty

Am having a hard time last week, lots of mixed emotions, sadness and halfway bitterness, but mind first, this was not pertaining to love life matters huh! stress,little/nonsense argues,shortcomings, conflicts arises, i supposed to expects it a everyday concepts of life,but the hard thing was, i almost wanted and think of giving up..let it be and don't mind those..some conflict exacerbate the problems and some leads to another complications.. bad thing about my month(NOVEMBER) i am being more emotional and felt weak,also felt like a different person as i was.. i don't know exactly what was the reasons i just felt that way.. all through out this month..haixx. i really don't know and from then till now or maybe forever i will remained clueless. i don't even know the predisposing factors why, how can i make such interventions for myself?, indeed really having a hard time solving these..after i was decided to post some of my bitterness a very happy moments drives along that lead me to post this late and less frustrated and depressed mode.. funny but true.. how really God ironically.. I'm feeling low then a good thing comes along and never think of my sadness at all..what a really blessed me.. i was damned emotionally hurt, mom and i had some argues also me and huny, then i felt bad with my friend(some) i hate the situation where i am in(not all ,an specific privately matter am pertaining).. all of a sudden a great news to brighten my day,my week the rest of the day left for the nephew coming home..i am not fond of kids(actually i was known of being a witch on kids of our neighborhood)..but i do love most our own..hehehe only few kids/baby i was fond of.. cj knows how to make me smile.. kids are really angels..certified proven! happy to hear him calling me loud and proud TITA.. as he wakes up my hearts pounds full of joy as he prefer seeing me first rather than her mom and dad and tita i love eating with him..i don't need to fed him..he's a very independent baby, he knows how to eat alone with spoon and fork as early as 1 yr and 9 months..i love how he cries when i am about to leave him..and love hearing how he says "BABA(BYE-BYE) THANKS(pronounced as tAnks) TITA".. how he understands me when i am sleepy but still wanted to be at my side, how he wanted only me at his cart when we were at the mall, how he wanted only me as a companion all along..i really appreciates his acts though it was really tiring..besides it only happens once in a while...when its about for them(my brother and his family) to leave, i gave him a ring and a cheerful loud "TITA" blast off on my phone's speaker!..Indeed a great feeling..really makes me feel that i was really blessed..having them, being born, living my life..he adds spices on my life to keep going strong enough and dream i was said i was almost at the point of quiting, back as a mean me, irresponsible mode and insensitive, but cj gave me the strength not to be it instead be a more good tita, more good person..thanks baby..tita always loves you a huge! i'll post some treasured and sooooo happy moments with my baby soon..

Monday, November 17, 2008

one proud tita!

last all saints day i was excited again meeting my is our only nephew and only grandson of my mom and only child in our family but unfortunately due to my brother and his wife's decision and work schedule conflicts their son was left at my brother's in-laws wherein living a thousand miles away from the city(exaggerated?!!)hehehe.. we are not able to make visit him often times..that's why I'm always excited seeing him again.. the last time i saw him was about a year ago!...he not yet talk a lot. not yet walk and run and his too little..not so but quite..i don't even attend to his first birthday and also his baptism..i first saw our precious angel a week he was born via cesarean section, he was confined for about a month..supposedly my sister in law was not scheduled via cs was an emergency cs because it was overdue and the fact that her ob stated that she cant hear any fetal heart rate.. he was fist declared a stillbirth baby..but the baby has the ALMENDRA blood running into his vein and chooses to live with us and knew us..he fortunately and we so much thank full to the Almighty that our angel survive after suffering a lot from the hospital for bout a month..that was the first time i saw him..a week after..followed by about 9 months (the interval of seeing him was really that long)..he was of coarse 9 months young..then the next was when they(my brother and his family) went to our home for Christmas(same year)......then after 7 months was the next visit to our home..he was 1 yr and 5 months young ..then recently was last all saints(can't blame me if i am indeed that excited!..) i was so happy, amazed etc.. all in one emotions as i saw him..he was that big,can run, talk a lot and play..he was also easy to taught some basic jokes or mannerism..SO good and easy to caught up..he was that smart baby!..and one very very good thing about him, he never forgets face ,my voice though he didn't see me that often..(maybe he always feel upon seeing me that i am his relative..hehehe..) because in other people even to those common one's he saw everyday in the village, he's quite aloof and not easy to came along child..he was not that easy to smile to anybody,only to those people whom really was comfortable early as 1 year and 10 months he was that kind of child...

notice how he looks (he was having a conversation with me in this picture).. Adorable awesome baby! note: he was only 1 yr and 10 months but his height almost reached my waist..I'm only 5" i know..but his tallest among his batch mate babies!.. (wonder where he got some height..hehehe both his parents were not having a satisfactory heights!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

welcome to the good life :D

this is a bad day..i got a bad hair day, a bad uniform day and a composed bad mood due to some sort of irresponsible persons.. last last night(so it is Monday night) me and bru were texting about a confusing and non-formally announced schedule about our ncm lecture and in house review..we both didn't know what's the real sched because it wasn't posted last Saturday..problem with our soon "Alma matter" they were posting scheduled not already coordination with the other as well to expect conflicts arises then they had to cram and students suffer for every decisions, wrong decisions they made..First, it was the administration, the clinical coordinator and the faculty's fault..NOTE TO FACULTY MEMBERS!!!ONCE YOU POSTED IN A BULLETIN BOARD MAKE SURE YOU MADE IT RIGHT!DOUBLE CHECK!BITCHES NEGLIGENCE!(i felt really bad about this!!!)not all students living nearby the school to check 24/7 for your corrections and alterations on your post!and check again before school days ends!grrrrrr...Then, as I was saying we(bru and i)both knew the same information about the sched..wonder why she didn't even notice me(just a piece of concern as friends) despite she knew about the new info night before today!it really fuzz me out and make me really got grrrrr..she had herself explained that she texted me to my alternate number giving the info she received! whoa! I've never used that alternate mobile number for a couple of days!even the time we were texting it wasn't the number i used!(common sense)showing nor indicating that i'm not using the number at all..well done i had to cram and run after school..unfortunately it was too late..too much late to enter into the avr wherein all seniors in all sections where there..I'm afraid the clinical instructors might nag me in front of all those then i decided not to came along..instead i found myself riding on my way to the church..i remember it is Wednesday and means Baclaran day..while on the ride going to the church my madness vanish suddenly..maybe to some sort of one of my favorite movie the kung fu soccer played on the way..little by little my mood i arrived at the church at 12 pm, i am indeed late..mass was already finished and the next mass will be around 2pm..i decided to have novena on my own and pray i leave the church i felt like I'm if no hassles earlier and no more to think of..i felt like floating in happiness..and my madness to bru also vanish!..that's the power of prayer talaga!nakakagaan ng loob!..honey texted me and ask me for a lunch date and of coarse i say yes.. and being with him always makes me smile and makes my day very very very complete and I'm leaving this shop as i posted this worry free and happy..thanks to the spirit that thought me to easily forgive and forget..thanks to honey for brighten up my day and cheering me when I'm really knew me now huh..i love you so much..mwuah..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

so near yet so far...

luckily after almost but not consecutive,6 years of studying i finally unto the last stage..and it's for real..I'm going to march on March!..yipee..yipee..plan to take board on June and hope so fortunately plans will be done as exactly it was....i can feel the near end...the grad pictorial, the practice, the pledge! yahoo!..for a new buddy friend Joanne, good luck and Godspeed at your journey as a future nurse..more to experience awaits and so far I've found as an analyzing thru your posts that you'll be a best nurse..see yah..I'm so excited ..wonder why It took almost 6 years? it goes.. this is almost a life profile.. I graduated high school at year 2002 at the age of 16..(I'm fresh)Lol..My very first university Ive been was the Pamantasan at Lungsod ng Manila taking up Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science..due to the reason that it was far from our hometown and I'm not used in manila yet my mom decided to call a quit there..i stayed half of the sem with the said university..thereafter, my cousin told me about the University of Makati, In God's will luckily mom got a business and have our house at makati where we(mom and i) stayed..i pursue my coarse on the other half..while taking up the same coarse, i had this passion attending the class of political science, wherein i do excel tho I'm not really enrolled at this coarse..i also became a makati collegian Football women varsity team(during this days we became a Ateneo Alumni Representative on Football cup)..this was the very exciting part of my college days!..i also became a member of a mountaineering group which i have known lots of good and easy to came along people and learned about real life!..i finished my first coarse in my first year with flying colors and a no-no to failing grades..i enjoyed a lot and learned a lot.....everyone suffers from financial instability and my family does!.. i had to stopped schooling to give way to my eldest brother whom during that time already a graduating mother got seriously sicked and only me and my second brother has to finance and managed early age as 16 1/2 i needed to be responsible!..i had to fake my legal documents just to find a good job..and with God's will and guidance again..i do had the job easily with a promising position in a promising company another as early as my age..i was so thankful everything is in place..when my brother graduated he promised to me that he'd be responsible in supporting/providing me to make it up till end..(so as what he's doing now)..the next time around i was sent to school,they told me to took up nursing..but beforehand i have my own plans of shifting on political science and pursue to law proper..but they indeed disagreed and i was sent to a private university to took up nursing(during the days UMakati hasn't have yet a nursing coarse) the beginning I'm quite not liking the coarse but as what they always say, "you'll gonna love it in the process"..yes it is! yes it was!..i do love it now! I'm passionately loving my field!here comes again another not so called burden but a trial, my 2nd brother incidentally got her 3 years girlfriend wouldn't be a problem if the girl and the family agreed of a civil wedding, but, people are people, same country but differs in cultures, values and norms..they wanted an extrebonanza wedding!..which held on a historical church located at Laguna..we're on the guy's side so it must be more on our expenses..i had to stopped again to bear with my mom and brothers that i do understand our situation.. i, again worked(this tome i already fixed my documents) for me to not waste my time being at home only for a year waiting..when things are in place then, they again sent me and again to a different university to cope up and continue and fortunately finish!..that's the long way of my 6 years non-consecutive college life! and for the record to all intruiging bitches keep on crushing me to the ground and making rumors against me..i never failed any subjects though i may not graduated in a supposedly right time..i never fail due to dumbness nor FDA..


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