Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ferry Sunshine

Glad that our connection was back. It really annoys me a lot receiving this kind of service from this internet provider As it immediately resumes I checked my blog as what I always did upon sitting in front of the computer and this surprise was the first thing that I saw on my dashboard. Thanks to Ferry for brightening my day after all those troubles that crushing my patience.With this Sunshine Award you really made me feel great.

Thank you so much Nene. And I am sharing these award to my dear Gene,Ate Rose, Faye, Mommy Liz, Chie, Jennie, Roxxy, Eden, Te Niko, Llamas Journal, Kayce, Cookie. 

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Monday, September 27, 2010

MM: Billionaire

I guess everyone wants to be a billionaire.hihihi I'd like you to share this song that I was currently addicted to.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Additional Reason Please

Self-Coaching: The Powerful Program to Beat Anxiety and Depression, 2nd Edition, Completely Revised and UpdatedI am once again kinda feeling a little bit of depression. I don't know what to do and what to be next. Another intuition.OMG kindly give me additional reason to move forward. Will I or will not be. I am tired of rejection, disappointment and frustration. For all the times that I can say to myself I did my best. I can say I am not at my good self since I failed the nle but now that another chance of taking it I am confuse whether will I or not. Feeling not good again. I've got 4 days  to again think of it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Forever Green

I've been waiting for this color's turn at GT. This is my favorite and I can share a lot about it. How I am so obsessed with this one.Green is considered the color of peace and ecology.

How the color green affects us physically and mentally
* Soothing
* Relaxing mentally as well as physically
* Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety
* Offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony

I can still remember when we had a duty at National Center for Mental Health, before we will interact with the patients, we must first have an activity about knowing our owns personality, strength and weaknesses. It is a pre-requisite requirement before we had to be deploy to the patients. In this activity,as our homework  we are told to draw our hand in a white paper and it's up to us what we wanted to design the drawing. 

That night I forgot to do my assignment and I was only reminded by my Bru when we are already at the venue. I immediately made mine and gracias to my Bru she was prepared with her art stuffs to lend me.She gave me crayons, color pencils, pictures and colorful stickers and scrapbook thing. She almost brought her art I am not in a hurry making it because we are an hour earlier to our Clinical Instructor. Of all the materials Bru and my group mates provided me, this is only exactly what I made.

When our C.I arrived she instructed us to pass our homework and discussed each  homework to us how was our artworks speaks for our personality. I was asked why I made this one while my group mates made colorful and extravagant designs and Why I chose green. She let me heard my explanation and afterward explain to me what was my artwork means in text of Psychology. She told me the fingers serve as triumphs. In between was my chosen color serve as my attitude if I am in the middle of trouble. She told me using this colors shows that I am at cool facing troubles in my life, I am not into panic mode. Thinking and trying all possible solutions and if it still fails, never surrenders.  That I still belief that everything will turn out good eventually. That was what she said and all my group mates agreed and testify for me to believe my self's description based on it.. This is just a justification that brightened me that my favorite color reflects me.

More of my green stuffs follows.

 My green blouse, this serve as my lucky blouse, everytime I am APPLYING for a job I always wear this one and I am always fortunate wearing this! 

Huny (huny is not the subject this time:)) with my nephew in his green barong, my brother's, sister in law's wedding. 
  Me and Bhadz at Mall of Asia grounds with my green (good for tummy-less) shirt.(those were the times.(sigh) 
My pear glace VS gift from Tess. 
Green fruit from our Pomelo Tree.
 My Marvin the Martian Pillow of our baby Mhing -Mhing.

  I can't share a lot more(konti pa daw yun hihihi), my dear friends who will read this entry will get bored.Isn't it obvious that I like green a HUGE?! ^-^

More green stories? Just click the badge and enjoy.. Ciao! 

(P.S include my signature below it's GREEN too!) ^_^

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Will I See You Again

It's been a month that dilemma passed and also a month that haven't seen the group. My review buddies. Everybody is busy doing own stuffs. Some for career, some businesses and some were families. Butch went home to California after review. Joy's husband already arrived and they were about to leave for Japan this December that's why she's busy processing their papers. Doctor was persuaded by his sister to reconcile with his mom so he can go to Canada. Marj is busy to her SOLAS class.Zhel on her papers to Singapore and some were bum at home. It's so hard to book a get together since everyone is so busy. I just miss the guys I have been with for four months. The laughs, the little misunderstandings, lesson of each and everyones life story, the camaraderie and the joy being with. 

I Miss You Guys.

Being Futuristic

I am fond of day dreaming. And I also shared that in my previous posts and other blogs. Those stuffs that I day dream are set to be my inspiration and goal that motivates me. I guess it is not just about daydreaming. Maybe its being futuristic to things that I want to happen in my life,in my life with huny and in my life with my family. I just set those as my goal. Planned earlier how can I achieve it.As of the moment I want to be sure that everything will be in proper pieces. Applying for a  temporary insurance is an idea brougth by Huny's officemate Kurrent.  I have to be sure of everything because I wanted to make things that I have been planned to be in real. Kurrent brought up the idea to Huny. Kurrent already have a family and wanted to secure his self and his loved ones. At first I am quiet hesitant of it when huny shared me the thought of it because it is not included in our priorities. But upon seeing Piolo Pascual's advertisement it made me think again of agreeing with Huny.

As it says, life has no guarantee.Preparation is a must. At times, it is fine to be futuristic for oneself and for his or her family. It has the lots of advantages. And if ever things might not work as expected, at least we are prepared.

Ferry's Wedding

It's been a year when I offer Ferry of helping her to her upcoming wedding . Knowing her, she and her fiance wanted their wedding to be cost effective but elegant. Since they told me that all expenses to it came from their own savings from specific to general details. Offering self is one quality of a nurse to psychiatric patient.Leading nowhere? Lol.Just kidding. Seriously  I offer myself to help them since she and Paul, her fiance, is one of my dear friends. I've got to let her know different ideas I have on my mind regarding on the details of their wedding program, ceremony , invitation and save the date postcard . Here in the Philippines it is not a practice or maybe if others do, but not all, giving the save the date cards. It is different from the common invitation in Philippine wedding wherein the program, venue RSVP and the entourage are written all in one form.The invitation itself. She like the idea I brought to her and said their wedding to be unique, elegant and seems to be sophisticated one and most especially a budget friendly. They can save a lot from a compact invitation that will only be given to the VIP's .It's been a year that I brought them the idea, they liked it,(that was what they say, I dunno if it's true to peace Ne) but now that it's only months left, the couple haven't decided yet for the design because they can't finalize first their wedding motif. It's easy to make a save the date and invitation cards but I don't want to be in a rush. Besides Ferry is a meticulous client like her best friend Jean when it comes to details that's why I wanted to know a draft of what she likes before I make the final one. Like what I did to Alexia's christening. Considering her choice and my own thought that might make their wedding beautiful and as to be part in their preparation , I wanted it to be one of the best wedding that will be a talk of the town thereafter.

Monday, September 13, 2010

One Left and Ready To Go

I have always been sharing on my post that I am surrounded by guys all my life. And one of the advantage of this is learning stuffs and the likes of the boys. Being one of the boys. One of the stuffs I am glad that I am forced to  learned because of them at early age was driving two wheels to four wheels type of vehicle.My passion in driving was became more intense because of my brothers whom always wanted competition. I am a competitive one that's why I always grabbed their challenges and I always wanted to be in on their games. I started learning bicycles at the age of 4. 
This is my only  nephew, 3 years old with his bike that I am telling the modern made one.

That was already a two wheel bike different from nowadays made bicycles a two wheel and another two little wheels. Though I am a young little girl that time I don't wear any dirt bike gear .My late father was a protective father but he prefer me to be a tough girl. Wounds and scratches he said are part of learning. No pain no game I remember he always said. We are only three. My two brothers and me.
 From left Chris(second brother), Mike (eldest) Mom and me.. And this is my brother Mike's motor bike.

Both of them had their own motor bikes one left to go for me and we can have a race of three. 
  Chris my second brother's motor bike.

Like what we used before when were young. Just a little bit of sadness to know that our Father are not able to see who will won among the three of us.

Music Monday : Warrior is A Child

A song from Gary Valenciano, a Filipino artist,singer. I so loved hearing this song repeatedly. It makes me feel to be inspire again from my recent fall.

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the actual post link here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.  

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So small it could almost be a miniature elephant

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Celebrate Too Early

I was quite busy with stuffs on the shop, browsing in you tube for clients who requested for videos to be downloaded.When one video caught my attention. I was a former football/soccer varsity during college days and still news regarding this game always caught my interests. This video was a matched between Maghreb Fez and FAR Rabat. It was an decision entry which was done by a penalty shoot out whether of the two teams who will entry the quarterfinals. It was a tense and pressured stage if this happens in the field. Wherein the team's faith will only be in one's hand. The goal keeper. FAR goalkeeper Khalid Askri confidently thought that he had already controlled and won the spot not securing the ball.He was already in the act of patting his chest and kissing his badge, turned his back on the goal. Unfortunately it bounced back and entered the goal, the result.they lost the spot. Too bad, they almost won. For sure some of his team mates will going to blame him.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Voila Violeta! (=

I thought that I will really cursed our intranet provider for the whole week that we will be longing for our connection. Finally after bombarding their customer service hotline, technical and email support we have now the connection back! Thank God it is back! Our customers almost asks if we will going to foreclosed (grrr) blame on Digitel!
By the way this post is for GT right? (=. For today's topic it's violet. Did violet and lavender is different? Hmm a lighter shade of violet I guess that was the one called lavender, which is the more I prefer than violet itself. I only like the shade of lavender because it is lighter and calming when you stare on it. I am not fond of the darker one. I remember when I was a child we have this councilor in our place who loves much of this color, violet. She wears everything violet from head to toe, even on her accessories. Seeing the color to her almost everyday plus the fact that she's on her 40's doesn't amazed me at all, actually I felt like I'm sick of it...hahahaha But that certain councilor temporarily leaves our place and my fascination to it's shade came back but as I have said only on the lighter one. I got to like it seeing in weddings, other special occasions and some seminar motifs during our last year in college.
taken last 2008 on our way to St.Anthony's Alumni Homecoming Event

Something that I own in Violet.. Here's my share my Huny. His Violet!..hehehe.. He's someone that I own. lol. Actually the share was our shirt hahaha. First pair that we have.. We are not into couple shirt (before)because it's some kind of obvious, our reason why we aren't into. But now it's okay with us and we're loving it though.

More Violetas?..come and see at 

  arithmetic just drops out of trees

Monday, September 6, 2010

Business Mess

Our internet connection has currently down. Yes it is! And it really make me feel irritated, knowing that our internet cafe supposedly runs with an internet. It was really a big mess in the business. And I want to cursed that internet company for not notifying us on such maintenance they were doing or so! They are these kind of people who knows great about timing! They did their maintenance on weekends wherein the time that it is the peak day for our consumers. We can understand if they only just notify us but we heard nothing from them. We have upgraded our connection to a business status to expect more and faster connection but here's what we've got. I don't think it is fair to pay higher and receive less on what we are going to pay. Their sales person, technician and staffs are good on marketing with us regarding on upgrading the connection but when it comes to troubleshooting no one answers to whom its responsibility it is! I am so mad about this disturbance they made on the business. The connection have been disconnected for 2 days and 3 nights and they offer us to file for a rebate that costs 54 pesos! Oh my God! Who on earth will smile hearing that! It doesn't even pay for our one day sales! how much more for 2 day sale and it was the peak of the week. It is so unprofessional to Digitel Philippines having or giving such a service! If only we have any other choice!

I am sorry for the memes I joined,Dear Meme Gods and Goddesses if I am not going to participate   because this trouble really p*** me off. I 'll be going to post a double topic next..
I write this posts renting to an internet shop. Yeah an internet owner rents to competitors, not to spy but longing for a connection. :(

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Bru!

Happy happy birthday hope everything's great and fall into right pieces.I miss you a lot. I don't want to spoil your day the reason why I never greeted you. I am so much broken. I don't know when I'll be okay. I don't want to see nor talk to all of you. Not because I am mad at you guys but because I can't show anymore cause got nothing to show off. I deleted my FB too. Maybe soon I will be ok. But as soon as you needs me. Isang text lang..Kahit di ako ok walang excuses..You still have my number..You know where to find me. I love you bru..


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hanging Red

Red isn't my favorite. I don't have a fair complexion and I think red not fits me. I only have 2 or three clothes colored red. One is a uniform from past job,next a bridesmaid gown and a gift from a good friend, a plain shirt. I feel like I look darker if I am wearing red.

This is one of the happiest funky day with Bru and Bhadz. It's just a no plan trip. We decided to go to Tagaytay at Palace in The Sky, one fine day without any plans all the way from Manila. Look how we try hard to have a picture of three of us. lol.

This is my share for todays GT!.. Happy Thursday everyone.



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