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Friday, May 19, 2017



I am now declaring that as of writing this, that I am not going to be the same me to her anymore. She is just an acquaintance. A colleague. I am very particular with my friends. I am honest to them, real, truthful, caring, funny , naughty and I am trusting the person  for me to say that we are friends. I only have few trusted friends and I don't care if its few. I am not that righteous but I don't let my friend to be in a wrong way of life. I can be a guide to be a better person( we will struggle together) help to be better and not to be something unacceptable with my standards and by the society. I share my, friends, cousins experiences not to brag but to let them know how was it, the  impact and outcome. No communication, no petty talks, no honesty, fake and not receptive so it's just an acquaintance.
Will treat the person the same as I treated the others. I will not be sensitive to what 😑going to feel,  I can say what I want to say without hesitation, No barriers, if by chance 😑got offended plain sorry will do.  I won't give a damn care. I don't need her friendship and I think it's mutual anyway. Good bye to you my trusted ( I thought) friend. * just a line in a song not totally related lo*
I came up with the realization after gathering literal words coming from her that it was all planned with her own intentions.  She make friends with me for a purpose, to get near to her subject. She used me to enter our group. It was amazing a not so nice feeling! She did a great job! This how I can see things now.

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