Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holidays are Holidays?..

i know it should not be the right time to post something like what i am going to but this is what i feel, that's why i have my blog...i know it's mean to say i don't like Christmas.. But stress and pressure and conflicts arising at this season make me feel this thing..How many people and children waited for this season, why i didn't feel the same as's even better on ordinary days... this will be the last Christmas I will felt like this... I swear... either i celebrate for this season or just let it pass just as a day..These season..not only Christmas but the whole season.. last night i am thinking hilariously,cause i am badly hurt..all fed up of everything.. i almost think of quiting..most common thing was room was so dark, it tempts me a lot.. i am in deeply depression..if ever everything ill be needing on what supposed to what i want is complete inside my room... but such i can say i am a good person, i even think of the what if's... if only i am concern for myself alone i already did..but i am not.. i am mad at myself being not that selfish. to think to what i wanted..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Does it shows?

December 11, 1958 was the greatest holiday for us(kuya mike,cris and kha).. It was our mom's thankful of having her as our mom..the most cool, astig and lufeetz mom!..hehehe..kinda strict before, actuallyduring the times we were unable to think right enough..she is indeed a guide.. she supports us and love and provide for us since Papa died 11 years ago... a modern mom.. a fashionista, talandi and kikay... more kikay than me..(i'm not a kikay kase.)can talk everything with in everything..we will always be that thankful to God for letting her be our mom..I love you mom..and Happy 50th birthday..hope more birthdays with your grandchilds and grand grand childs..
she was now 50! hot and pretty!! i wish I grow old that blooming and looks fresh instill..hehehe

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ms. No Question!!

i thought i was already immune to toxic clinical instructress... actually we all(D1) though so.. not until we land our feet at San Lazaro Hospital! a 431 years old hospital still running consistently in the country... grrrr...Ms. No Question!..she was a much!... she never entertain questions!..nor suggestions our explanations!..everybody around were wronged for her... a "dyosa" feeling... supposedly our duty wasn't that tiring and stressful we enjoy the place and the cases but because of her it became a hell!... almost what Mark stated "!(she ruined my deo's effectiveness,now almost wet my underarms! i felt wet and uncomfortable!!"...literally he says!..she did that kind!... even me, i wanted to run away from her... grabe!!! don't want to meet her again! ever!! if we only had a choice!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Carandang and Ortiz Nuptial

Accident is neither a encumbrance nor an obstruction to enjoy life events…hehehehe... after my post screaming bday gift here we are still enjoying life pressures and challenges.. Huny and I was invited to my brother’s sister in law’s wedding, its Glenda... She is a friend since then my brother married her eldest sister, my sis in law jenny...Actually the rest of their family(the Ortiz family) invited us… so were not hesitant to attend besides they want us to witness them and be part of it.. gorgeous Glenda was!(I think I’m in love Lol..) They had this saying that the bride was the most beautiful lady in her wedding day and it was absolutely true. So many time s it was proven... a 26 years old, graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in accountancy.. A second to the eldest loving and very supportive sibling of 4 children of the Ortiz family… she was also one of the major sponsor of my brother and sister in law through their hard times… a much family oriented daughter… Now she is on her way building own family… He married the guy named Arnel as what Kuya said they were engaged for a long period of time… In order to be more prepared they chose to get marry if they had enough budgets for the expenses… (Unlike my brother’s wedding... hehehe) … So everything that day was planned… I never see her before that gorgeous… she looks like a celebrity… she is a morena babe… awesome… the venue were the same as my brother’s wedding also the reception... The new to the wedding was our nephew Carl Joseph! A volatile child wearing so extreme mood swings... he even got no pictures walking at the isle… tsk… tsk… tsk… or at least pictures together with the rest kids part of the wedding ceremony… Cj woke up 2 am prior the wedding day… the elders wanted him to sleep again so as he will be having enough energy for the event, but unfortunately at exactly the time the wedding starts he felt asleep… lots of people (majority their relatives) says that cj need almost half of the day sleeping hours to be conditioned… OM to the G! Our nephew almost spoils the wedding by his moods and his Aunt Glenda of coarse quite disappointed... But we all knew no one can blame the precious one... Just a deep sigh we can all do... since it was what had happened, I just need to captures him picture as a remembrance… my aim first in attending the wedding was to be Carl Joseph’s personal photographer as courtesy of Bru’s digital camera... as how he walks at the isle, pix with her aunts and other relatives and his precious smiles… but Cj was not in the mood all day long… he didn’t even want to be pictured by anybody strictly no exemptions!… the kid has his own attitudes!... “ maldito”… well he is Almendra blooded maybe that’s why…Lol… to Arnel and Glenda the event was perfect, the preparation and the programs… in behalf of the Almendra we are so very grateful and a pleasure to be part of your most especial day…

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

final destination..

Never thought I would believe about second life...Not before I am in to the accident. Before, there were no 2nd life, 3rd and so fort. I don't believe in those, only one life God had given. How I am taking care of my life after, well I am now always worried and so much careful. I am a freelancer, adventurous and a risk taker, that was BEFORE. Now I am afraid, I wanted to always take care. I’m not afraid of dying, I knew it will come if it is really your time but I am now afraid of risk. As much as possible I wanted to move freely but safe not unlike before. I’m CARELESS!! ..Learned now to value the most precious gift. I’ve been in so many places, risky and life threatening activities, dangerous stuffs, but not yet suffered to any injury or met a dangerous scenario which is really a matter of life and death. I told to my mom I am not supposed to change for the better. That maybe the Creator isn't yet ready to accept me. That was the thought enters in my mind an hour after the accident. Wherein I am planning a good mass with huny, then it happened. My intention was good but a big WHY fuzzes me. But just as I was wrong as honey told me. We were now a newborn Christian whom entitled to do MORE beautiful things than before. I always believe that everything happens for a reason, I don't want to ask why to Him or condemned/blame Him, as I attended the mass at Immaculate Mother of God Church, I whisper thank you to Him, though I still didn't know why it happen I know in myself I will find it eventually. I don't have to ask for answers I have a strong faith in his genius mind... Am trying to cope up, lessen my paranoia, try to back as before but I can't... I always worry. For what reason still a puzzle. I know I'm changing but I didn't know if it’s for the better or worst... I'm I a middle of confusion how to act or think positively. I am also aware that I am developing another personality disorder due to post accident trauma. I’d still believe I am tough and I can proceed and win this triumph!Good luck kHa!

Monday, December 1, 2008

my shocking post birthday gift

plans are well organized and been prepared.. the plans 5:00 am-honey and i need to wake up as that early to prepare in going to Tagaytay for the early mass.. 7:15 am-was the mass time at St. Anthony's Boys Village his Rector/friend Fr.Bubot will be holding the mass 9:00 am-we supposed to leave the SABV 9:00 am onwards eat in a cozy restaurant at Tagaytay as huny's treat to my post birthday gift going to picnic groove to look out and try the cable car now at the park enjoying moments together 7:00 pm-going home and bring some pasalubong for his family and for my mom.. the tragedy 5:00 am-honey and i woke up and prepare in going to Tagaytay for the early mass.. 6:30-we left our house 6:45-a shocking crushing vehicular accident happened! 7:00am onwards- we are at the St. Mazenod Hospital for first aid and emergency care done an skull appendicular lateral radiographic x-ray got a head injury facial bruises my head bleeds a lot(its a head injury expected it will bleed a lot) and my tooth broke!waaaaaaa i thought it wasn't that serious.. a simple pasta will be my suspense it was afraid loosing my big front teeth..(if ever a tooth fairy may ask me what set of teeth i may chose to, i will still ask for my own unorganized teeth again).. the dentist told it was a serious injury..a major injury to be exactly!.. the tragedy scenario we were on our way,the tricycle runs so slow, i was about to complain cause we will be late for the mass it is a 45 minute travel to tagaytay...suddenly while on a sweet conversation with huny, we just felt a big bump at the back of the tricycle, and we both saw how the driver flew and smashed on the ground also with the other passenger sitting at the back ride..our instinct runs, we don't have the driver now i first think of controlling the tricycle..i look for the foot break but i am afraid of exposing my foot for i was more going to be hurt..and honey tried to control the tricycle by putting his right leg with much pressure on the ground tried very hard to control the speed of the tricycle to minimize the bump on the park van beside the road..i am afraid that we may be crushed with another fast and moving cars on the road that's why i think of controlling the tricycle, then we ended up bump in a van and a banana vendor head was crushed into the mirror of the tricycle that made it broke and cause a abrassion and lessions on my head and face..then that's it my tooth broke..but still were both concious..huny's leg got stocked between the tricycle and the van..then we were brought to the hospital..we were both assessed finely..done x-rays and aother assessment..i also went to a dentist for the fixation of my tooth..our body's both felt so tired and severe pain..yet we had to fix things, the demand, the medico legal and other stuffs.. indeed my post birthday gift..but still we both thankful for another life had given..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

happy b-day kHa

never expects to celebrate then my day but really God was so good giving me friends beside and people do still care..hehehe never thank enough you guys.. sorry if i can't express's me! I'm not sweet and expressive!..forgive me.. but really, i appreciate everything you've done..thanks for the greetings,for the surprise and thanks for everything..i love you guys..i will never forget my day because of you people..

late monsary message

Elow?! well i'm very sorry for this late monsary message.. mejo busy lng tlga kc wid my work and sana you understand nmn?! mahal mo nmn ako db?! hehe.. tnx very much for your effort regarding sa gift.. knowing your situation and the possibilities..hehehe.. pero i'm very much grateful and "touched" with that nice shirt.. masyado mo sineryoso ung cnv ko sau last monsary nten..hehe.. Thank you very much.. The message is.. sana ndi ka magbago at patuloy mo pa din ako mahalin, and i promise to return it back to you, kahit minsan ndi mo napapansin dahil sa mga ginagawa kong "unintentional actions".. sana on the other hand nakikita mo din ung good side kahit konti lng.. ung mga efforts ko and ung pagpupumilit kong magbago.. Pinipilit ko magbago for us.. para hindi mo ko iwanan..hehe..totoo tlga un kahit ndi ka naniniwala ng akala mo joke lng lagi pinapakita ko.. Ganun lng tlga akong tao and not a showy type of person.. Basta in the end of the day before ka matulog lagi mo isipin na andito lng ako palagi nagmamahal ng totoo sau.. Count me with that! I love you huny.. sooo much... mwuah..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

craving for twilight

i am not aware that I've already known bout the twilight, quite not interested at first but since my brother recall it to me bout the what were watching way back years ago, now i was refreshed..hehehe.. i've also read a blog about this maybe a month or two at wordpress. makes me more interested knowing that it was now on motion pictures..finally a movie :D..sort of remake already cause we have been watching these before as i've said..but now new castings and heard about the characters have a very good chemistry in the movie(i don't exactly know what this pertains to but it only adds my curiosity to watch the movie)..and the effects, setting, cinematography..whoa! some says great!so i am expecting a lot then..this is a vampire romance story..oh i also read about this(twilight) again to Joanne's page..that she was enjoying the book of summarizing my post i have first my stimulants to recall about twilight and now i am craving for it in big screen..hmmm i have to find more suitable schedule for me and honey to watch i have to wait for weekends then..hayy so far yet so near naman now??..Lol..and i've also seen the trailer and the making of the movie on the net..really a nice shots..i really want to watch this!..hmmmm weekends! weekends!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ironically almighty

Am having a hard time last week, lots of mixed emotions, sadness and halfway bitterness, but mind first, this was not pertaining to love life matters huh! stress,little/nonsense argues,shortcomings, conflicts arises, i supposed to expects it a everyday concepts of life,but the hard thing was, i almost wanted and think of giving up..let it be and don't mind those..some conflict exacerbate the problems and some leads to another complications.. bad thing about my month(NOVEMBER) i am being more emotional and felt weak,also felt like a different person as i was.. i don't know exactly what was the reasons i just felt that way.. all through out this month..haixx. i really don't know and from then till now or maybe forever i will remained clueless. i don't even know the predisposing factors why, how can i make such interventions for myself?, indeed really having a hard time solving these..after i was decided to post some of my bitterness a very happy moments drives along that lead me to post this late and less frustrated and depressed mode.. funny but true.. how really God ironically.. I'm feeling low then a good thing comes along and never think of my sadness at all..what a really blessed me.. i was damned emotionally hurt, mom and i had some argues also me and huny, then i felt bad with my friend(some) i hate the situation where i am in(not all ,an specific privately matter am pertaining).. all of a sudden a great news to brighten my day,my week the rest of the day left for the nephew coming home..i am not fond of kids(actually i was known of being a witch on kids of our neighborhood)..but i do love most our own..hehehe only few kids/baby i was fond of.. cj knows how to make me smile.. kids are really angels..certified proven! happy to hear him calling me loud and proud TITA.. as he wakes up my hearts pounds full of joy as he prefer seeing me first rather than her mom and dad and tita i love eating with him..i don't need to fed him..he's a very independent baby, he knows how to eat alone with spoon and fork as early as 1 yr and 9 months..i love how he cries when i am about to leave him..and love hearing how he says "BABA(BYE-BYE) THANKS(pronounced as tAnks) TITA".. how he understands me when i am sleepy but still wanted to be at my side, how he wanted only me at his cart when we were at the mall, how he wanted only me as a companion all along..i really appreciates his acts though it was really tiring..besides it only happens once in a while...when its about for them(my brother and his family) to leave, i gave him a ring and a cheerful loud "TITA" blast off on my phone's speaker!..Indeed a great feeling..really makes me feel that i was really blessed..having them, being born, living my life..he adds spices on my life to keep going strong enough and dream i was said i was almost at the point of quiting, back as a mean me, irresponsible mode and insensitive, but cj gave me the strength not to be it instead be a more good tita, more good person..thanks baby..tita always loves you a huge! i'll post some treasured and sooooo happy moments with my baby soon..

Monday, November 17, 2008

one proud tita!

last all saints day i was excited again meeting my is our only nephew and only grandson of my mom and only child in our family but unfortunately due to my brother and his wife's decision and work schedule conflicts their son was left at my brother's in-laws wherein living a thousand miles away from the city(exaggerated?!!)hehehe.. we are not able to make visit him often times..that's why I'm always excited seeing him again.. the last time i saw him was about a year ago!...he not yet talk a lot. not yet walk and run and his too little..not so but quite..i don't even attend to his first birthday and also his baptism..i first saw our precious angel a week he was born via cesarean section, he was confined for about a month..supposedly my sister in law was not scheduled via cs was an emergency cs because it was overdue and the fact that her ob stated that she cant hear any fetal heart rate.. he was fist declared a stillbirth baby..but the baby has the ALMENDRA blood running into his vein and chooses to live with us and knew us..he fortunately and we so much thank full to the Almighty that our angel survive after suffering a lot from the hospital for bout a month..that was the first time i saw him..a week after..followed by about 9 months (the interval of seeing him was really that long)..he was of coarse 9 months young..then the next was when they(my brother and his family) went to our home for Christmas(same year)......then after 7 months was the next visit to our home..he was 1 yr and 5 months young ..then recently was last all saints(can't blame me if i am indeed that excited!..) i was so happy, amazed etc.. all in one emotions as i saw him..he was that big,can run, talk a lot and play..he was also easy to taught some basic jokes or mannerism..SO good and easy to caught up..he was that smart baby!..and one very very good thing about him, he never forgets face ,my voice though he didn't see me that often..(maybe he always feel upon seeing me that i am his relative..hehehe..) because in other people even to those common one's he saw everyday in the village, he's quite aloof and not easy to came along child..he was not that easy to smile to anybody,only to those people whom really was comfortable early as 1 year and 10 months he was that kind of child...

notice how he looks (he was having a conversation with me in this picture).. Adorable awesome baby! note: he was only 1 yr and 10 months but his height almost reached my waist..I'm only 5" i know..but his tallest among his batch mate babies!.. (wonder where he got some height..hehehe both his parents were not having a satisfactory heights!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

welcome to the good life :D

this is a bad day..i got a bad hair day, a bad uniform day and a composed bad mood due to some sort of irresponsible persons.. last last night(so it is Monday night) me and bru were texting about a confusing and non-formally announced schedule about our ncm lecture and in house review..we both didn't know what's the real sched because it wasn't posted last Saturday..problem with our soon "Alma matter" they were posting scheduled not already coordination with the other as well to expect conflicts arises then they had to cram and students suffer for every decisions, wrong decisions they made..First, it was the administration, the clinical coordinator and the faculty's fault..NOTE TO FACULTY MEMBERS!!!ONCE YOU POSTED IN A BULLETIN BOARD MAKE SURE YOU MADE IT RIGHT!DOUBLE CHECK!BITCHES NEGLIGENCE!(i felt really bad about this!!!)not all students living nearby the school to check 24/7 for your corrections and alterations on your post!and check again before school days ends!grrrrrr...Then, as I was saying we(bru and i)both knew the same information about the sched..wonder why she didn't even notice me(just a piece of concern as friends) despite she knew about the new info night before today!it really fuzz me out and make me really got grrrrr..she had herself explained that she texted me to my alternate number giving the info she received! whoa! I've never used that alternate mobile number for a couple of days!even the time we were texting it wasn't the number i used!(common sense)showing nor indicating that i'm not using the number at all..well done i had to cram and run after school..unfortunately it was too late..too much late to enter into the avr wherein all seniors in all sections where there..I'm afraid the clinical instructors might nag me in front of all those then i decided not to came along..instead i found myself riding on my way to the church..i remember it is Wednesday and means Baclaran day..while on the ride going to the church my madness vanish suddenly..maybe to some sort of one of my favorite movie the kung fu soccer played on the way..little by little my mood i arrived at the church at 12 pm, i am indeed late..mass was already finished and the next mass will be around 2pm..i decided to have novena on my own and pray i leave the church i felt like I'm if no hassles earlier and no more to think of..i felt like floating in happiness..and my madness to bru also vanish!..that's the power of prayer talaga!nakakagaan ng loob!..honey texted me and ask me for a lunch date and of coarse i say yes.. and being with him always makes me smile and makes my day very very very complete and I'm leaving this shop as i posted this worry free and happy..thanks to the spirit that thought me to easily forgive and forget..thanks to honey for brighten up my day and cheering me when I'm really knew me now huh..i love you so much..mwuah..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

so near yet so far...

luckily after almost but not consecutive,6 years of studying i finally unto the last stage..and it's for real..I'm going to march on March!..yipee..yipee..plan to take board on June and hope so fortunately plans will be done as exactly it was....i can feel the near end...the grad pictorial, the practice, the pledge! yahoo!..for a new buddy friend Joanne, good luck and Godspeed at your journey as a future nurse..more to experience awaits and so far I've found as an analyzing thru your posts that you'll be a best nurse..see yah..I'm so excited ..wonder why It took almost 6 years? it goes.. this is almost a life profile.. I graduated high school at year 2002 at the age of 16..(I'm fresh)Lol..My very first university Ive been was the Pamantasan at Lungsod ng Manila taking up Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science..due to the reason that it was far from our hometown and I'm not used in manila yet my mom decided to call a quit there..i stayed half of the sem with the said university..thereafter, my cousin told me about the University of Makati, In God's will luckily mom got a business and have our house at makati where we(mom and i) stayed..i pursue my coarse on the other half..while taking up the same coarse, i had this passion attending the class of political science, wherein i do excel tho I'm not really enrolled at this coarse..i also became a makati collegian Football women varsity team(during this days we became a Ateneo Alumni Representative on Football cup)..this was the very exciting part of my college days!..i also became a member of a mountaineering group which i have known lots of good and easy to came along people and learned about real life!..i finished my first coarse in my first year with flying colors and a no-no to failing grades..i enjoyed a lot and learned a lot.....everyone suffers from financial instability and my family does!.. i had to stopped schooling to give way to my eldest brother whom during that time already a graduating mother got seriously sicked and only me and my second brother has to finance and managed early age as 16 1/2 i needed to be responsible!..i had to fake my legal documents just to find a good job..and with God's will and guidance again..i do had the job easily with a promising position in a promising company another as early as my age..i was so thankful everything is in place..when my brother graduated he promised to me that he'd be responsible in supporting/providing me to make it up till end..(so as what he's doing now)..the next time around i was sent to school,they told me to took up nursing..but beforehand i have my own plans of shifting on political science and pursue to law proper..but they indeed disagreed and i was sent to a private university to took up nursing(during the days UMakati hasn't have yet a nursing coarse) the beginning I'm quite not liking the coarse but as what they always say, "you'll gonna love it in the process"..yes it is! yes it was!..i do love it now! I'm passionately loving my field!here comes again another not so called burden but a trial, my 2nd brother incidentally got her 3 years girlfriend wouldn't be a problem if the girl and the family agreed of a civil wedding, but, people are people, same country but differs in cultures, values and norms..they wanted an extrebonanza wedding!..which held on a historical church located at Laguna..we're on the guy's side so it must be more on our expenses..i had to stopped again to bear with my mom and brothers that i do understand our situation.. i, again worked(this tome i already fixed my documents) for me to not waste my time being at home only for a year waiting..when things are in place then, they again sent me and again to a different university to cope up and continue and fortunately finish!..that's the long way of my 6 years non-consecutive college life! and for the record to all intruiging bitches keep on crushing me to the ground and making rumors against me..i never failed any subjects though i may not graduated in a supposedly right time..i never fail due to dumbness nor FDA..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pursuit of happYness

The last thing we did on our last time together,(before semestral break and before swimming 4 escapade) we spent the night watching movie at our crib. and it touches us both upon watching this inspirational movie by Will Smith..we didn't intend to cry while watching but emotions really can't hold us was really a good story..this movie definitely changed my perspective and my life. I never really thought a movie could do that. This movie was well done. I take a bow in respect to Chris Gardner for everything he's been through and for keeping his promise to be the father he never had. right from the start it grabbed me and when this scene arrived it directly went straight into my soul this is the essence of a fathers feeling about protecting his son.I've never really cried in a movie but this scene broke me down..


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

hoping for a good start(cross finger)

a tiring weeks almost over but the suspense(excitement?) of seeing our class card hasn't done yet..we're here waiting for and praying a good grades we'll receive..we know we do our best but sort of the bias decision making is ruling in the university..grrrr.. any way we knew our capabilities sem to go we're out of that university!hooray!..looking forward..hope we can pass easily and smoothly the rope of time..(sigh).. for the past week I've been a lazy of the reason was i am not at my mom's home. i don't have had a net in the house and i don't feel like renting just to write my post..(tamad ko kc:) ) i had my supposedly post on my phone..unfortunately my phone wasn't that hi-tech to get connected at blogger..(T_T)..
last week is nurses week, almost half of our group participated in the event..gurlfrends leiyah and kei joined as performers category and bhadz as a candidate for and pam were the great P.A , audience, supporters and fans..the rest were props..Lol..a good start for bhadz! it was her, his, her? whatever! first exposure at the said kind of contest!..and it wasn't bad! he/she was a 2nd placer among 9 gays who joined..with a trophy and a sash and a crown and the M-O-N-E-Y!..astig!..we never expects either him/her! we are so grateful and happy of coarse! we celebrated! he/she treated us for dinner! GUrlfrends didn't received any award..but it wasn't that sad coz we do focus on bhadz!and they both even me thought that it wasn't a serious wasn't focusing on voice quality but an interpretation of someone pla un~!

Night after, bru treat me an ice cream date!..becoming our favorite recently! i had to lie to huny that i was on my way unto him while i am currently enjoying my date with bru!...just because i don't want to spoil the two in either ways!..

i just send and gladly replied a mail from a new friend to was my huny's exand very first girlfrend.she's pau.. seem to be nice and jolly gurl.i wanted to befriend with her..not for any projection mode(psychiatric nrsg terminology..hehehe) but for real..i do admire chinitas! they had this oozing appeal on i an "L"?.Lol..well i wanna thank you gurl..hope to had more chatting stuffs with you.. also a gurlfrend date?what about that huh?..soon..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

curing tardiness..

a celebrity unmask..hihihi
a shot before honey and i went to tiring but wonderful date..took dis shot beforehand so as it is am i not wasted yet. pretty duh?(no one allows to interfere)...hihihihi..dis is my page remeber..hehehehe..
a complete package...
how can't i be thankful ba nmn?..ang angas ng dating..hehehehe..idle days kc!.just decided to wrote something that boost me so much up up and away..hahaha..excessive watching of pokemon series every morning now this is the part of the team rocket..jessie james and meow with wawa pet..hahahaha..anyweiz here's the post official beginning..ahem!..oozing sex appeal, brain, figther attitude, body beautifulnot ugly but not so pretty me(hwuahahaha)a not so late career, a loving guy, understanding and best momcool brothers, friends around..almost perfect!..but of coarse for some time problems and conflicts were always around..hassles are in everywhere, is for the person how he/she or rather ihandle those, foresee and accept in,what it in short itz the mind that always and really matters..di totoo ung sinsabi ng girl group named sexbomb na "kung ano ang nasa puso m sundin mo"..heart doesn't have the ability to think, even feelings was manifested by the brain kaya!..heart is just a heart..with aventricles, aorta, 4 circulation, fxns in systems and organs,supply of blood,oxgen and everything....nothing to do with decision makingand failures..hehehehe

Friday, September 19, 2008

a lot of times it was proven that God was soooo good!.but this time i really felt that He is truly!..most of the time i felt God's goodness at at the hour i all needing!impronto!..he answer's my prayers either ahead of time or took time and for those scenarios u never expected..He was always there!I was giving this appraise and a lot of thanks to him cause it was the very first time He did answers me on my silent will at the moment i was praying..Mom says i'm not a nice kid that's why i'm not "malakas" sa kanya, unlike other..for an instance si honey, ewan kung dahil sa close talaga sila!..hehehejuz kidding!..seriously i really really tank you Lord! for everything .for everyday i wake up and for all the thingsi had and will have that was given and granted by you..Tank You ..Thank You..Thank you

stress management

in psychiatric nursing, depressions,schizoprenia and other mental disorders has lots of predisposing and precipitating factors..but most of these starts at a simple thing or feelings we usually suffer everyday into our daily life!its the stress..starts from it going deeper becomes depression and then eventually u will posses different signs and symptoms of schizo or any mental pathetic to think that a simple thing we always felt might lead us to a serious thing..aside from it we also possess different personality disorders that if we were not aware of how to manage also a predisposing factor!..gee! this facts were true! afraid to think duh!..after being discussed bout this matter we. me and my peeps became conscious about it..we didn't know we do have personality disorders well everybody does!but as what I've said if u know how to manage, handle and u had this acceptance and awareness, u are not a susceptible psychiatric patient!..hehehe as we students, had categorized a minor pressures,stressors and deppressors we tend to cope and overcome those..because nobody wants to get insane?..ayt?soooo much and a lot stressed us!..and our intervention of it was.....being with the arcade house!.playing brutal games to express emotions,hurts,frustrations story and puzzle and driving games to enhance ability to abstract and also to develop!it is for us!..especially for bru and me!..we do enjoy a lot! a matter of fact, consecutive days we've been present in places were we enjoy most!..they said its a waste of money, but for us it wasn't..a big no! no!how much will we expend more in psychiatrist and specialist instead if we do not look for an outlet for our weaknesses ayt?and how much satisfaction and fulfillment it gave us!simply fulfilling yourself, making or entering into the world were u are the one to be the boss..handle everything and manage! u are in control of the things surround and around's also a also develop us..we had our goal and wasn't an addiction!..differs from it! a lot deeper!..after we play we feel refreshed and ready to face again the real is better to do this stuff than drinking alcohol and having vices..bad vices.

He above is Visible

a lot of times it was proven that God was soooo good!.but this time i really felt that He is truly!..most of the time i felt God's goodness at at the hour i all needing!impronto!..he answer's my prayers either ahead of time or took time and for those scenarios u never expected..He was always there!I was giving this appraise and a lot of thanks to him cause it was the very first time He did answers me on my silent will at the moment i was praying..Mom says i'm not a nice kid that's why i'm not "malakas" sa kanya, unlike other..for an instance si honey, ewan kung dahil sa close talaga sila!..hehehejuz kidding!..seriously i really really tank you Lord! for everything .for everyday i wake up and for all the thingsi had and will have that was given and granted by you..Tank You ..Thank You..Thank you

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gorgeous fit for Gorgeous!

glad i had discovered this certain site that doesn't need to be edited at all..i furnished with own finishing touch my multiply acct..i had to do more to other accts i have!..bkit b kasi nauso pa!hehehe ..hay naku bkit kea tinatamad nko mgwento!..hmpf!next tym n nga lang..(sigh)

Monday, September 8, 2008

nurses juz havin' fun

group D-1 at FAB Malate
badz,ayie, rogh,me, honey, pnunong becbec,bru lea,bru kei, paul
sort of some fotos at FAB Malate..lea's 19th absolutely very diffrent from her traditional celebration... a more passionate and adultly and most enjoyable "daw" among her parties..first time she did it.. and first time din kasi n pnayagan xa..tnx so much to tita's overflowing trust to us for letting her be with us all the time...were actually from our duty at Lung Center of the Philippines..quite tired but since its a routinary deed already, we were used to it..the presure, the blood, the rush and everything related to...its a group nigth out with loverboys but for dome reason two of our groupmate didn't make it to be with was Pam and Mark..Pam's reason was acceptable..(malapit ksi sa disgrasya un kea nakakatakot din kasama)..hihihi..itd proven n daw ksi kea aun..ok lang..besides same date din kasi cla ng bday ni lea.. dhe has to celebrate with her mom and her dad overseas goin to call her at the eve of her bday..The damn person nmn n x na ni lea(never post about their break up)..i've posted here in my page the very first time they got together as lovers but since it wasn't a happy and good ending i decided not to post about it..even me got angry to the insensitive and self centered..didn't give any consideration to her x na ol this time been nice to him nmn!..grrr tlga un lang..other pix will be viewd at my fs acct..happy bertdey bru!..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

what's the sense???

what's the sense?..a question i often silently utters pertaining to peeps who were such deep "inggetera/o"..what's the sense of doing such stuff?,a deed?..something not necessarily the one used to do but becoz it was "in",he/she will trying to be like....labo nuh?!..dis is a post not pertaining to anyone..just a factual question of mine that sinks through me and keep me bother for some time.. why do i know some peeps like dem?..i don't hate them but they making ways for them to be hated....why do i care for those stuffs nga ba? is simply becoz, tao n q n ngeevolve at nag iisip n beyond things..batang makulit..batang mausisa..batang matanong..un daw everytime naiisip q n bkit ganun ang description sken napapatanong n nmn aq..isang araw pag gising q nasagot q n din..kasi ganito tlaga q!..d man aq hinubog n ganito pero maituturing n isang talino un..hahahaha..angas nuh..(walang papalag page q to!)lol..seriously speaking it is a real innate knowledge daw(i've read it from Jean Piaget writtings)..born filled curiosity head over heels un aq!...curiosity migth kill a person daw..sabi nga mitsa ng lyf un..bakit nmn d pa q nmamatay??..napag alaman q n rin sagot dun..masamang damo daw aq sabi ni honey!..harhaharhar..ang totoo nyan i know how to manage my life..kea q nagsusurvive!..proud to say "i've been's" negas man or positive....i'm happy..fullfilled and eventually will be contented..its life nga ei..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ready to unfold me..the real me..

if u were hurt, u try to ignore, manage stuffs as if its normal..if paranoia attacks, confucious envades the whole you..u can't do anything..hard to diferentiate what is illusions and what is not..the thing that makes you stronger were the people surrounds u..sometimes u often neglect, they were just a companion, but for real, half of your soul was seen by them...they criticize, observe and seen something matter how u wanted to be covered the more they can visualize u..can't hide, can't lie..they will not persuade u to talk, nor convince to burst it all out..they were just there, tap your shoulder and smile at you..says "were here thingk as if we don't care but we really do...and we will stay not only if u were not ok, but stay for good..coz we are forever...power of friendship?.. ..i treasure u guys and thanks a lot..thanks for letting be me with you..the emo part..usually i am afraid to be..and gradually tho u didn't forced me to be i do can express now..thank you thank you talga..thank you peeps..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to deal with a difficult person

Having dealt with the most difficult people ever in my life i came to the conclusion that sometimes we call a person "difficult" when we fail to understand them or when we fail to deal with them. But as I met more people i started to realize that some people have certain combinations of personality traits that makes it impossible to deal with them even if you are a communication skills expert. The only way to deal with those people is to understand these difficulties they have in their personalities then to confront them with it. Whether the difficult person thinks that he is always right or whether he believes he knows anything, trying to convince him with your opinion at the situational level will always fail, because unless you face them with their own difficult personality traits they will keep thinking that its the situation that has to be blamed and not them. Mr I know everything: Thinking that he knows everything doesn’t make him a difficult person, but when the person knows nothing yet has this belief then he is a typical difficult person. Mr i am always right: if someone is stubborn in addition to being a narcissist, he will then think that he is always right and he will never change his mind especially if someone tried to pressure him. Mr and Mrs victim: lots of people think that they are victims but some of them refuse to stop playing the victim’s role even when solutions are offered to them . Those are what we call drama queens, they feel bad when anything happens then keep playing the victim’s role even if everybody around them kept trying to help them out. the rest... There are lots of other types of difficult people but the principle that makes them difficult remains the same, they have two personality traits that together block the road to any further negotiation with them. Those people will always keep thinking that they are doing nothing wrong and that others carry the blame until someone who is brave confronts them with the truth.there is only one way to deal with such people, confronting them and telling them about their complexes, if they didn’t respond then you should never deal with them. Those people will still act the same way until someone draws their attention to what they are doing or until they realize that everybody is being repelled away from them because of their behavior.The important advice i have for you is not to confront them while arguing with them,simply because this will result into a fight and their defensive complexes will become activated. If you want to convince them that what they are doing is wrong then you have to pick a time where they are feeling happy and relaxed so that they listen to you to the end. Don't lose your temper or shout not to give them any reason to resist or to activate their defenses. Once you tell them so, they will start to have doubts and then as they face life situations they will reconsider that you have told them. Whenever they will come across a new situation they will remember your words until one day they will discover that they are doing don't need to make someone believe what you are saying immediately in order to convince him, you just need to make him have some doubts and then the other life situations he will face will do the rest of the job. Confront those people at a time where they can listen to you, because its the only way to deal with them. As we were having our duty at a psychiatric ward i realize this stuffs..and learned how do people suffer psychosis, the questions why.what,how answered..of coarse psychiatric patients are differ from normal ones, but those patients was once a normal then..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


year 2006 this is our very first experimentation type of relationship at first....

Monday, August 25, 2008

what i had received!

our new home the cat and fritz our baby..
vidit at honey's most especial place
an all day together day out
building dreams and future together
thanking each other for being the one
a lot of things to be thankfull.. that's all..hihihi

Sunday, August 24, 2008

visita iglesia @ august?!...

three weeks ago, me and my peeps went to baclaran church..just for fun..maaga kc kame ndissmiss ng professor nmin..the main plan was just going around the church viscinity but due to Badz consistency in attending mass, aun napilitan kame ni lea na magsimba na rin.. The sun shines so hot that day and we (leah and me) felt sleepy, tired and wasted..but actuallly we did nothing in the school and even before that day..cguro cnsaniban lang kme..hehehe..As what to expect, sleepy n nga kami inside that turns to decide not to attend the mass..we arrive at 1:30 pm nmn kc and mass starts at 3:00 pm p daw..then the finale nagyaya kami umuwi ni bunso but bhadz left and still wanted to have a mass(consistent talaga!)..a week after i went together with bhadz at baclaran church, para matuloy n ung pagccmba nga..nakakatuwa naman kc for this time never na ko nakafeel ng antok or even pagkabagot!.On my entire life nung time q lang un d aq nakafeel ng khit anong distrbance sa pakikinig q sa mass..for the record un!...I felt great and happy after the mass..cguro nabawasan n un evils sa katawan at isip it all starts there..3 consequtive wednesday nko ngccmba dun at same on every friday naman sa quiapo church..wala lang natutuwa lang aq..ewan q bt the feeling is different..i'm not used to it kasi d nmn tlaga q mahilig magcmba, honestly even rosary d aq marunong kaya pag nagnnovena todo tingala ang bida dun sa tv wherein nkapowerpoint ang novena itself..i actually buy my novena booklet n nga.. sometimes sa bahay or at free time bnabasa q xa..d q alam but its for real na natutuwa aq..nagkakaroon n q ng interes ngayon.. nakakatuwa sa tagal q ng ngccmba esp sa quiapo dahil deboto nga dun ang ama q, ay ngaoiyn lang aq nakapagcommunion sa misong altar...For the record nnmn!...hmmm mabango pala dun at di q alam..kc most of the time majority ng taong ngccmba dun wasted at pawisan kea iba't iba n naamoy m dun..pero pagdating q sa harap in front of the altar ang bango sobra!..iba sa perfume parang amoy flowers..wala share lang nakakatuwa kc...last friday after our duty we attend mass at quiapo church afterwards dahil sa maliwanag pa we(badz,lea,aq) decided to went to intramuros...bumaba kmi in front of manila cathedral..aun pumasok,first time q mapasok un..lagi kc nakasara pag weekdays..grabe ang ganda pala tlaga nung historical church n un!..superb!...after nmin mgpray and take a look at the whole church pinapalabas n kami ng mga caretaker dun buti at napicturan p namen..pero promise ang ganda sa loob...while walking papuntang intramuros we saw a cross again for sure cmbahan un, kea aun natour ulit kame..and it is St.Augustine Church pala..i never know it exists.. nakaaabot pa kmi sa homily kea tinapos n nmen!..bongga ang mass halos dumugo ilong q sa choir!..latin at spanish ang mga kanta..akala q nga pati "Our Father" ei..naku po kung nagkataon d aq makakasabay!..solemn un place..although konti ung ngccmba, scattered nmn kea mukhang madami.. tsaka mukhang rich and riches mga nagccmba dun wlang kme inspire tuloy kameng mg church hopping..were planning to go to the church at Mandaluyong..ung nsa mismong tapat ng city hall nila.kahit kc madalas kme nagdduty dun d pa kami nakakapaxok dun..take note not just visiting churches huh but also to atten the whole mass each and every in line proposal sa my edsa shrine,divine mercy,manaoag and a lot more n suggested ng mga kakilala..nakakatuwa pala..and were appreciating it so much!..naalala q pala when i started this thing 5 people n ang nagtanong sken, anu daw wish q?!..naguluhan nmn aq.. kc nagccmba q dun pero wla aqng wish! bkit kelangan bang meron? ung dndasal q nmn eh everyday un din un..consistent lang aq..wala n aqng wish..kc mabait c lord sken bkit magwi2sh p q?..gusto q nlng macontento sa bnbgay nia sken..ung everyday prayer q un n din un ipinagccmba q..kea mga dear frend eto sgot sa tanong poh..unusual b tlga para sken un gngwa q nowadays?..hehehe..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

day before Anniv..

elow huny?! grabe 2m we are going to celebrate our 2nd year anniv..i'm wondering kung san kya tau mapapadpad..hehe..and i'm thinking ryt now what would be the best gift for you..kc nga you are demanding hours later na you are expecting something from me na sabi mo deserving ka kc naging good k nmn this year...hehehe.. maybe tama k nga and actually sobra-sobra pa sa pagiging good ung mga nagawa and ginagawa mo para sakin especially para satin..kala mo lng i'm taking it all for granted pero sobrang salamat po tlga..san pb ako makakakita ng honey na katulad mo?.... ndi lng tlga ako showy and vocal sa feelings ko pero sana naiintindihan mo ung mga gusto ko iparating sau.. i'm wishing and praying sana this another year na darating satin is mas lalo tayo maging stronger..sana wag ka magbago at magsawa... and sana mas lalo pa tayo maging mature and responsible ..and lastly sana we'll grow old together...mwuaaaahh... i luv u soooooo much honey... thanks ulit!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

thanking Almigthy for the good friend...

often times she felt taken for granted, often times she felt alone, often times she thought nobody cares... but for real it wasn't true.. people she's been with were quite different personalities, she migth not feels the thougthfullness of people surrounds her but indeed we are,, u never know how much we care for you.. u are the toughest woman i've ever known aside from myself, honestly u thought me to be and thought me more.. a lot of things, how to face life full of burdens alone.. how to trust myself and how to think of others though you know nobody cares.. you are one of a kind.. i am indeed thankful to Almighty for letting me know you..for having you part of my will and always will be.. i love you so much frend i know u didn't know but as we've been together you knew me for not being sweet to anybody.. so u shud've used to it..hehehehe...happy birthday.. glad to be your friend for the rest of lives..despite of indifferences and sort of tampuhan though miles away in our hearts we'll remain sisters in crime! to remember that gurl!..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

at si huny emo pala!

never imagined that felix arabejo jr is an emo kind of person..hehehehe..and i love you so for being such honey..mwuah..

it all starts here..

everytime we went to a gig, honey and i remembers everything from the past..the good and bad memories we treasures and will treasure throughout the years as we were together.. good and bad mem'ries brougth by the liqour that always we keep on talking about..bringing back the past solved arguments just to laugh at it.... how we were starts, developed and continue loves each other till the present and looking forward to the future..accepting the person, vices, friends, indifferences and everything about each "torpe" my huny was and he says how clamsy, hot and young woman full of guts i was..(its the power of alcohol!..duh! keep on having an argue who made the first move?!..of coarse nobody from the two of us admits..i never did anything that would make me look cheap especially if its outsde the viscinity of our place( of coarse this is my page i am on the rigth and bias track(i don't give care):D..made a post on his own..hehehehe)..also how he says "i thought you were a chinita but you are not..just drunk last nyt??"..a big laugh from my big mouth answers him.which is until now i was fond to reminiscin' of..chinita??my eyes were not that bulgy but not closer to chinita!hahaha..i can admit closer to bulgy!wuahaha..that's why honey fond of capturing pics when we were on a nyt out drinking with the rest of the we both thank tequila specifically the "el jombre" with lemon for giving us both our direction to real life..real love.. by the way those time happens after a certain guy dumped me and i ask for a break up to the another guy i have during that time..i wasn't depressed neither hurt.. i just felt i'm a loser coz i didn't have anybody to accompany me..i admit i am flirty that moment.. that's why i become a tequila and mc fanatic..but just a flirt not a bitch...while on the otherhand huny was fond of playing girls around who shows interests on him..never thought could settle for being a playful guy...he's a bitch then..hahaha..i love you wasn't that bad but it wasn't that good..but still i want to thank everyone, evrybody and anything that leads me to matter who made the first move, we know within we were happy and thankful for that moment..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

honey this is for you, i love you more...

You give me hope, The strength, the will to keep on; No one else can make me feel this way And only you Can bring out all the best I can do; I believe you turn the tide And make me feel real good inside. You pushed me up When I'm about to give up; You're on my side when no one seems to listen And if you go, You know the tears can't help but show You'll break this heart and tear it apart; Then suddenly the madness starts It's your smile, Your face, your lips that I miss, Those sweet little eyes that stare at me And make me say, I'm with you through all the way. 'Cause it's you Who fills the emptiness in me; It changes ev'rything, you see, When I know I've got you with me You pushed me up When I'm about to give up; You're on my side when no one seems to listen And if you go, You know the tears can't help but show You'll break this heart and tear it apart; Then suddenly the madness starts It's your smile, Your face, your lips that I miss, Those sweet little eyes that stare at me And make me say, I'm with you through all the way. 'Cause it's you Who fills the emptiness in me; It changes ev'rything, you see, When I know I've got you with me. It's your smile, Your face, your lips that I miss, Those sweet little eyes that stare at me And make me say, I'm with you through all the way. 'Cause it's you Who fills the emptiness in me; It changes ev'rything, you see, When I know I've got you with me.
honey buo n yan..kc its for you tlaga.. :p I loveyousomuch honeykoh..

a success to life starts from pain..

whoa!..haixx nmn the title ayt? is simply about me on my new vice....i am developing a new vices..whew..such really a hard one!.,.this time it has a good benefit esp to my health..often times pertaining to vices where health harmfuls but now more opposite on it..i am now having my session with honey.. as we had our semi-complete expensive(ehem!honey bougth it basis!..hehehe yabang nuh!)gym equiptments after the recovery we had planned of doing these every also part of our bonding moments..actually we had planned about it since the time honey suddenly notice my sexiness had some fats..there it all starts..due to some serious consequences it had to be delayed..of coarse..but now we were up to it..we were really decided...urgh!..although its painfull!..really!..imagine i was just doing a simple session but my body really aches, esp the tummy is the only part of my body i had to work out thats why the program really focused on it...but i do wanted to have my shape back again that's why i'm was hard for me coz i'm not used to it coz i was born sexy..hahahaha..for real.. heres our gym equiptment and my handsome, loving instructor..the picture was not yet complete with the is the partial pics of what we had..^_^

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our angel

a scrap talent..trying my talent to excel..hehehe

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

women crisis..

many women have been victims of circumstances, which stem from their socio economics positions and roles in society... a part from having to handle common problems at home and at work either at school, situation of women is further affected by societal discrimination including the danger of being casualties of inhuman acts or violence such as rape, wife battering and other abuses commonly suffered by womens... women must thereof be empowered on how to handle difficulties in life through building their problem solving and decision making abilities as well as proving or strengthening their family and peer support systems, especially during extremely troubling times or periods in their life...

Monday, August 4, 2008

a very special love with honey...

yesterday honey and i had a date...we were so happy not only together but also with my mom..honey treat mom and i..we first went to church together honey wearing very nice and awesome shirtand also me wearing the very first time with him a says we look different,so different or lets say (maxado lang nagandahan c inay at ngwapuhan sa terno nmen ni honey.. lol)..from our people weren't able to see as couple always like that..not even once just that day... besides mom bought it to me..after mass we went to one of the two malls located nearby.. we ate lunch then mom said she have to wait for Brad's call that why she leave us early..after mom left honey and i decided to watched this was really nice..i told honey that seems i am being a fan of the lead actor of these movie cause i also watched his recently movie with another young lady and also love it..promise..i wanted to buy an original dvd copy of the said movie..we feels like it is the new day for us..we feel blessed.. starting another new life..and a new things to worry also starts that day..but i know its just the consequences..everything has its matter what..either good or bad.. i believe it has...


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