Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another People to Cherish

I am not a friendly type person, it usually took a week or two before people tries to approach me. Blame it to my fiercely looking eyes and snob like attitude. Honestly, I am more interested of having friends. It's just because of my face (so blame it on it lol)for a wrong first impression  and most especially I don't want to be called a "feeling close girl". Anyhow, when I bump along with people whom I felt like having a strong connection, like for instance, same mean or meaner than me( si Ate Jho un!), sarcastic (Tito mike), funny persona (si Holy Mau un!); we can sense actually each other and get along smoothly. This what happens to me as I entered the small company where my sister in law works.  There where lots of good people rather than sh*tty one. As my personal feelings, though I love to stay because of the good people, I opted too because how the management treating the good ones isn't fair enough for the compassion how they work not to mention about government mandatory benefits huh! And knowing myself I make a way to let those people I didn't like to feel mutual. Yeah making them feel I am a threat. (Because I want changes! Though it wasn't me who will be benefited in the long run, I know, I prayed and I hope so that the good people I treasures can experience it.)   Those good people doesn't deserve to be treated like fcuk. And guess what MANAGEMENT FELT THE SAME! hahahaha  This is not sour-graping, I have better careers, indeed I am very much sure of it. I am so thankful that He above there always blessed me, us. Anyway we all have a choice and I respects that it's not about the money why they chose to stay though not being well taken cared, it's all about the camaraderie,laughter and enjoyment they feel whenever working in one not so spacious place. Perhaps the selfish boss, a young bloated girl who's overwhelmed with the word "manager", an IT wanna be  so called manager too and  a scammer accountant whom wasn't knowledgeable enough for the deductions, computations and love disputes process ( she actually has her own rules!) wasn't included  to the good one's I am pertaining. They were actually the villains of this story. heehee.

A short stay that will leave a mark on me forever. Because I met real good people.  For the record, because of the "Tundra" my fourth day at work and the rests til a month has never been the same as my past work experiences and still doubting if i will meet same species on the future endeavor. lol 

 (see this is the only picture we had yet it complements our attitude.. lol)

Kuya G-  helps me to figure a lot of issues from the pasts .. thanks to the info and the stories *wink*
Ate El-  reminds me of chillin' like the old days hehehe
Ate D- being cool doesn't end with the age :p
Tito Mike- Life's a choice to make it easier eh :D ( i-spam na yan!)
Boss E- thanks for being a fabulous gay! :D I enjoy your momentums, I laughed at it, enjoyed it and sometimes chuckle silently  :D
Sophie Momma- I am really afraid of you (honestly) but came to realize you're just a mean sweet person. But most of the time meaner lol

Lastly having this young momma as a workmate is indeed part of the record too :D

Dude I will miss this annoying stuff you did.. and you checking on my cleavage once in a while (tomboy!) and even butt crack too :p  !

Oh by the way before this posts ends, I want to thank Boss Ice too! who always makes me tremble(salamat sa ilang umagang nerbyos at kaba) as he enters the floor. Whom I am afraid of because I thought and assumes that he hates the world.Ang tapang kasi mgsasalita at pagalit  Oh well I assumed BatangueƱo siguro to! :D 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

As a first time mom, I experienced troubling with myself concerning figure. I used to be a petite prior pregnancy that's why having a huge changes in my shape seriously affects my confidence. Good thing I have this resources that keep me feeding information how to be back in my old self confident mode. A friend introduces me to Wacoal products. It is not simply a brand of undergarments but a fashion that really helps boosts confidence of a woman.At first I was hesitant having one, assuming that this is the same as those brands who advertises promoting their product but nonetheless do nothing. Giving it a try make me say I made the right choice. It actually helps me contour my shape though I still have this post pregnancy fats. Making me a less chubby but instead voluptuous sexy mom. 

Having an excellent experience with their product and consistently checking their catalogs  makes me to be their unpaid and unknown endorser (ehehe). I used to recommend their products to my colleagues and friends whom suffer the same dilemma as mine after pregnancy and also to my mom and aunts, whom more of a fashionable grand moms.

Wacoal has this beautiful collection which will give a perfect fit to every woman at any age. Having a product from them is an investment that I can say. Though it will not be seen by others yet it will be complimented.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Innovations from Radiall

"In the world we're living only the constant thing is CHANGE"

This isn't a new quote anyway but I love reading and seeing this everywhere. This reminds me how fast everything happens for everyday. In a blink of an eye everything change. That's how fast our life generates and technology innovates today.
Like everything else, Radiall doing it's best to be at the same paced as where technology does. Not only as their launch a new more friendly user website does but all of  the products and services they offer. Radiall is a global leader in design, development and manufacturing of RF coaxial connectors, antennas, microwave components, fiber optic and multipin connectors. They offer an extensive range of interconnect solutions that supports the most demanding applications in telecommunications, aerospace, space, defense, automotive, industrial, medical and instrumentation. When I was still in college I used to surf the net finding relevant information about technology in the medical field.  As I remember I stumbled at exactly the time I have been checking about Magnetic Resonance Imaging. As a person part of the medical team, not solely taking care of patients is our main vision. We also ensure that machines we used in doing so is in excellent and great components that will help us minimize labor yet provide to focus in supreme quality care. This is where I have known about radiall and it's function in a medical field. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

As the generations vary from different perspectives, a lot of terms exists from different descriptions of mankind nowadays. Specifically to manliness. As I personally see what manliness, though I grew in this generation I am still concrete and clear to my mind what manliness means for me. In one word, it still being respectful. I may overlooked  some physical psyche of a man most of the time but I see to it that there's this being respectful enough  stands in a man's persona. But wouldn't it be near to perfect that a man have both?. An attitude that can be called him a man and an appearance that makes him more stand out. 
I am a super proud wifey talking here. Hihihi. I am so much blessed having the perfect as I describe husband. He is the most vain man I've ever met. In six years being with him no doubt he is a certified straight guy. He being vain is such his normal way. Looking good and wearing positive attitude towards everyone was the tactics he used to made me say "I do" to him. Also didn't surprise me to see that he can full our vanity closet with much of his stuff than mine. And for me to be able to answer “How can one preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences?” I ask husband to answer since he as my favorite topic and was in hot seat as I threw the question to him.

- Being aware of how you look is realy important for me. I admit I am vain, I was once asked by a good friend  if I maybe a metrosexual . That actually didn't offended me at all. I am so thankful that in that question I have the opportunity to explain my side of being a vain man who were that conscious of my appearance. For me looking good isn't the basic component of being a man but a bonus. The ability to accept shortcomings, courage, physical strength and respect for other is what a man composed for me. No matter how many generations come and passed by , nor cultures trying to influenced us, being firm and educated with this traits is a motto that will always be in my mind and will teach to my future children. Looking good is important as well as how you can present yourself to others. Acting and presenting with conviction. The ability to carry yourself with all confidence with putting reality in mind that I maybe that superman still I am not perfect. The best I can do is make myself, appearance pleasing to everyone. That I can stand with my principles and beliefs.

I am very much  satisfied with his answer so I am rooting from more vain guys he can go along with at Kojie.San Men's Club . Were being vain isn't automatically mean something green at all. :) I guess hubby will surely enjoy being part of this club. 

Check out Facebook fan page of Kojie.san Men’s Club to find our how to preserve mankind.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Instant Driver

I've never been so busy like I am recently. I get tired, exhausted and left my princess most of the time. But with all these experiences I get no regrets. I am helping, I am happy and the fact that helping brought me to learning is really the best part of these busy bee days.
Big brother is getting married. I just found it out two weeks ago. Happy that finally he decided to settle down. At least we're all relieved that he have now her better half for better or for worst.
Guess when the wedding bell rings?..

Not soon but too soon!
Indeed in a month from today he will getting married!. That made me gaga helping him in everything. Others prepare for wedding three or four years more but him- just a month and 2 weeks.
Surprising?! Well we've been through that.!  The surprised feeling hehehe.
I owe big time to big brother, that's why I felt like I need to offer my best to help them. So in order for him to help with all he needs I began an instant motorists. I knew how to drive but I am not used in long drive. Maybe if it's a car I can consider it but a motorcycle from to from Cavite Laguna and Tagaytay. Whoa!That all I can say. Gladly I faced my fears in trucks and buses and fast cars. Thanks to these haggard event I need not to have a dmv cheatsheets driving test just to pass my next license renewal.Experiences really thought bests. Including brother also teaches me about re-routing, alternate route and tricky signal lights and signs. Cool! Feels like I am having an interactive test drive whenever I am with him. I guess this will be the last few times I can go with him since he will be getting married automatically I am fired as her assistant in month time. :)
My drama is a so called event coordinator hahaha. For the mean time , a month more to wait, my blogs will be left for webs again. spider webs :))

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

"Your home, your imagination." 

A place where we were most comfortable is our home.We see to it that we have all the pleasure based on our preferences inside it that we cannot find to any other place. It is our own piece of heaven and relaxation for the busy buzz of our life. Choosing the best furniture is a must for us to have that superior comfort feeling in our abode. Being picky about it is our pleasure since we were the ones dealing, enjoying of those for the rest of our lives. These furniture will be our companion and witnesses to our roller coaster emotions, career and successes . Furniture isn't just a piece of a thing inside home for me. It is the components that makes a home to be our own meaning of palace.
As we were contemplating and in the process of making our own palace, we have already the list of what to include inside it. I have a lot in list but among all those I have this special preferences exactly the same furniture I wanted. No alternatives , no other brands. A caprice bed that has paces in the headboard.
Hubby and I loves to read before we sleep or check our emails whether on the phone or laptop. A spacious headboard is a must for us, since it will not consume another space and we need not to have a side table at all.
This Bernard L-shape Sofa looks classic and elegant. For a not so spacious house, furniture that can maximize the few spaces is a big help. It will also looks the living area neat and can accommodate more visitors.

A comfortable mesh high back office chair with headrest is also a must in our lists. Hubby and I both stays in long hours in front of a computer. A comfortable office chair will help us not to experience neck and back pain.

All of my picks were designed for a not so spacious house. And because of that fact we see to it though a little bit uncomfy talking about spaces, having the best furniture is the best we can do to make it a relaxing palace. :)

This collection I found from Mandaue Foam.  Hubby and I's inspiration of choosing furniture from them is the enticing commercial we've seen. 

 Immediately the time we saw it , we head on to one of their branch and check if it worth to be on top of our lists. Gladly it is, materials were superb and designs were uniquely amazing.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Event Corrdinator

This supposed to be a post on my business blog, but that is if I will be going to make it as a business. hehehe So for today that this is just an idea, I want this to be shared here in my diary blog. I have been organizing little events even before when I was a student. I am on a thrifty side but with touch of elegance type of event coordinator. I guess the word "Event Coordinator" is too professional and too big of a word, I am not yet in that stage. hehehe. I am a simple party planner who wants to make events more of a DIY and affordable resources. Who wouldn't want that eh? Anyway kudos to the internet especially my favorite website Because of lots of tutorials and resources and when, how and where ideas that feed my in mind. Due to the opportunities given to me planning some events, an idea come up from hubby said why shouldn't I try a new career. This is the event coordinating field. I am not that confident if I can do so but I am overwhelmed that the idea came from husband. Husband never lies and he is actually frank too. So if he say a compliment it is really a compliment. I once dream of planning an event abroad in a new york event locations for instance. I want to explore the event coordinating things and beyond. I want to experience how to coordinate an event in a place where I am not familiar much. Where I can test my resourcefulness, adaptation and thrifty attitude. A EstateWedding will be the best event example I can think of. Since this kind of event needing a glamorous and elegant outcome, which most of the time eats lots of budget and needing an amenable venue. The components of an event like this will be a great tests for a wanna be like me.

Thursday Goodness

I started simple work outs just today. True that it really shakes my knees though it was just simple stretching and mild exercises. Now I am a bit amazed on myself how my body works before when I was a football player. What I just did this morning is a very simple compared to what we used to do in practice way back college days. I have this goal in mind that I will be back playing my first love and even share it soon to my little cow girl. Soccer. In order for me to be back in the field, I need first to loose weight, regain old skills and agility. I am not promising but as much as I want, I will avoid vices. ^_^ WISH MYSELF MUCH OF LUCK! hee hee. And the sooner I can say yes to a former team mates invitation for a MILO Football Cup.  Changing my routine for the better. Good bye lazy and lax days. Now wake up early, do the exercise and stretching, biking and a little game practice. Religiously doing these routine starting today and the following days. :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Funny Emoticons

Everybody uses emoticons. Everybody who uses cellular phones or computer. This is simply expressing an  emotion via email or sms. It also adds flavors to whatsoever message we want to deliver. An emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks and letters, usually written to express a person's mood. Emoticons are often used to alert a responder to the tenor or temper of a statement, and can change and improve interpretation of plain text. The word emoticon is a combined word from emotion and icon. Nowadays there lots of applications for different gadgets have new emoticons . Emoticons now is more attractive and sometimes uses props other than reaction round faces.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Addicted to Mobile Browsing

It's been so long that I content myself with a low end cellphone. I mentioned here in one of my post that I am rooting for a new one since the the one that I used is about to say it's goodbye. Luckily I have a generous mom. (Not to mention this specific goodness I am really lucky having her!)Anyway, About the new phone, I am enjoying much of this one. Or maybe just the thought that it is my first time to have my own brand of this unit. I enjoy exploring downloading applications and the rest about the phone. Hubby gave me the best statement when he says that Blackberry is one of the most expensive yet reasonable Operating System among mobile brands. Features really excites me as I learn every bit of it day by day. I once had an iPhone but I never enjoyed it, because I am not for touch screen phones. I have a sweaty hand and obviously that doesn't feel comfortable it will only make the screen messy. This qwerty blackberry is a very user friendly for me. I never enjoyed browsing in a mobile hone not until I try using this one. This addiction to mobile browsing make me stay awake till dawn.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Business As Usual

Warning: This post is all about my opinion. This is MY blog and if you don't want what you read then leave this page.

Almost half of the world felt dismay regarding on Pacquiao Bradley fight last Sunday .  It's obvious who actually won. I am not saying this because I am a Filipino and into Manny Pacquiao's side. No I am not. I am actually not a boxing fan. I am just a critic and an observant. Because of this controversial fight, I first assumed that maybe, my neighbors, sports critics or the media men in the country was just over reacting and cannot get over the fact that this time Manny lost the fight. I didn't watch it that same day because I am busy and actually not interested. Since, practicality reason whether Manny win or loose I am not going to be benefited (lol). So instead of sitting in front of the T.V wait for his punch at et al, I choose to look for prospect business or jobs online while taking care of the baby and our little business.
Going back since this fuzz around the social networking sites and all over our place , I asked hubby to download the fight and we're going to watch it together. Watching it closely and uninterrupted makes me say " everybody's fuzz about the fight make sense at all". It's an obvious business as usual matter. Making controversy, popularity and doing it over again (rematch) in exchange of big earnings. After that fight now I know why Floyd Mayweather was that boastful and had he's ego higher than himself that he believes he can defeat Manny Pacquiao despite of, in spite of. Though obviously with his situation  he cannot. Because he, Mayweather believes in business not in strength nor Pacquiao's capability y of defeating him! Business that will make everything possible and another thing he is an American. I am no against American, I am just aware of the politics that no matter what American will never ever be a Filipino's underdog. Whether it's in a competition, sports , politics etc. Even in little details they don't let it happen that they will be dominated by Filipinos. Like what happened at American Idol. With Jessica Sanchez. She will never be a grand winner because she is half breed Filipino even if she fought the least American contender. There were news that Bob Arum was asking for investigation regarding the decision and the fight but for me, that was just a show.

Now I just realize that talking with my eldest brother makes sense. I learned a lot from him and got  new information how was the world outside our country. I'm so tats he's my bro :) .Since he was the one who always educate me about this stuff in Politics, History and even Greek Mythology.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Australian Account

I get hired last March. Yet the contract signing has been postponed because the CEO who supposed to conduct the contract signing during that time had an emergency. She's pregnant and having  preterm labor . Fortunately though the baby born premature, the baby and the CEO is both recuperating fast. But the problem is because of that premature delivery, my supposed to be work has been postponed too. And unfortunately the CEO been out of focused with the company and now is in the midst of failing. It is a new company that hopefully turning it's first anniversary this coming August if by chance will survive the bankruptcy. And because of that news personally brought by my sister in law whom currently working there, I personally decided not to pursue the  career in that company. I am more serious of working now. I want and looking for a company that will provide enough helping hubby for now our small family and also a company that I can grow old too. The problem with stability of that company I applied is a big factor not to pursue working there. I am seeing myself back in a BPO industry. A lot of reason why I prefer working in this industry. Though this is not professionally wise for me but this will provide me and my family enough. It's all about money?! Yes indeed!. It's all about money.
Mom have a request about me working. She wants me to look for a day shift work. Probably an Australian account if I still want to be in a BPO. It's more about credit card and the likes if it's an Australian Account. I am not new with the type of account. I like it more than a telco account. I am just hoping that I can find one near to our place. So as I am not going to waste more time in traveling.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chief Justice: Guilty

It's just few minutes ago when the verdict has been given to Mr. Renato Corona after processing it for five long months. The impeachment of the Chief Justice of the Philippines now found guilty under Article 2 of the impeachment.
Article II
Respondent committed culpable violation of the Constitution and/or betrayed the public trust when he failed to disclose to the public his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net worth as required under Sec. 17, Art. XI of the 1987 Constitution.
He was convicted with 20 votes from the senatorial judges. As I watched the whole processed today, majority of the senator who decided to vote for conviction basically based their decision by the Chief Justice' statement itself. The respondent has been dragged down by his own statement the day he explained his self. In addition also the case of Ms. Delsa Flores that set as the basis of the senators votes to Mr. Corona's case. Kudos to the senatorial judges who explained their votes very well. Among all the 20 senators, I really appreciate the explanation of Sen. Allan Cayetano. In  simple words he used, I believe that people understand more of this impeachment processes. Senator Cayetano delivered the message very well. The whole time I was watching, I am hoping that senators will do the same approach what Mr. Cayetano did. This is for the benefit of all people in all levels. So as to make them understand more of what is really happening in our government.

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Phone

I am currently using my mom's Corby 2 phone. I am okay with it, but still I want my own new phone. It's been so long since I liked a new unit. For the years that hubby is into buy and sell of cellular phones, my desire for cellphones vanished since I can explore almost all of the high-end cellphone models during that time.  Today husband is still into buy and sell but in a different item which is computer, computer parts and laptops. He changed his line of items two years ago, so for two years now I've been contented for a low end Nokia which is now begging for rest reason why mom lend me her phone. I am rooting for an HTC Windows 7 phone or an I phone. Or any android phone which is packed of  free android apps . There were lots of android apps to enjoy nowadays. But it is more enjoyable if it's free. Who wouldn't want free things hmm?.. I know this is just a desire and not needing an urgent attention. But just in case hubby or my brothers read this post, and make their mind giving me one, I will definitely love a surprise! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Bye Exilim

It's almost a month that my Casio Exilim EXZ25 had it's farewell shots. We always remember its worth everyday. Since the day it got wasted it brought sadness to all of us here. As a first time mom, and first time having a baby at home, we always wanted to capture every moment of the baby's milestone or even the everyday simple tricks she shows and learned. As what I've said it's been a month, a month that we've been using our camera phones on my daughter's playful tricks. Though I still have something to use, still I am not contented on how it works. Because it is not as  good as the exilim's performance. I already told my brother that I am asking for another camera. I am hoping that he again for the nth time will give in to my request.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Effect of Being a SAHM

After I graduated from high school, I never had more time to stay that long here in my place. I've been very busy not only to studies but other curricular and non curricular activities away from my place. And as I realized earlier that this is the longest time I stay at our home. More than a year literally at home. But this time, I ain't bored anyway. Maybe if this scenario (the long stay topic alone) happened few years back I am surely insane by now. It's because I am a stay at home mom. I enjoy every second of staying at home. Good thing we have intranet. Though I maybe inactive to a city life I am somehow updated on what's going on, what's new, whereabouts and other related stuff. And this intranet serves it's best as it also introduces me to good online deals. Hence I am all the time at home, shopping for good deals either self pampering stuff, items, getaways and the likes I can grab them all if I wanted or if I am looking for it. I guess this is one of the major effect of being SAHM. I got to get excited on online deals to avail without making myself a hard time of going into the merchants place. And one more thing I find online deals more cheaper than actual prices. I confess, I am addicted or I am an addict now :) . I still have unused vouchers  though all of them is not yet expired, here I am again checking for good deals. And for the nth time bought another deals tonight. I maybe saving the deals. (justifying my impulsive deal buying.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Summer Fun

Aside from the last summer escapade we had last Easter Sunday, we never had any other summer getaway. Due to the strict attention in need of our getting bigger business, we almost forgot that summer season is about to end. We don't even had a getaway with husband's family. Still mom is considering of having a getaway together with my in laws though the rainy season is approaching. (We are a small family so having one getaway is easy to plan with mom together with my in-laws). Probably a day full of  fun in an amusement parks or even a simple family dining in a five star like Buffalo hotels is a good option for  bonding.  Not because it's summer so literally the only way to enjoy it is by the beach or pools. Since still the weather is still unfavorably hot, going out into colder places is a good way of enjoying and bonding too.  Good thing that online deals gave me this idea, the other way of enjoying that need not time for planning too much. Also the affordable yet exclusive deals. I'm pretty sure that kids will enjoy it running around the park, watching fishes and other aquatic creatures or if there some GogoBot as an additional attraction too. I just need to settle the deal and print the voucher for us to have our last summer fun before the busy school days starts.

Monday, May 14, 2012

So Happy for Her

I am so happy for Ferry and Paul, that finally their long wait is over! She's finally pregnant! The reason why her blogs kept untouched for days now. I can't contain my happiness knowing the good news directly from her. The day she had known about the good news, I received a call from her informing me then. My little master will now going to have new God-sister or brother maybe. I, once thought it will be twin or triplets, since they have a history in the family. But then she confirmed that it is only one and they were very very thankful of it. It's obvious to Paul that he was so happy the very first day seeing a positive result in a pregnancy test kit and as the day goes by. They were somehow over reacting but I understand their happiness. And knowing Ferry, over reacting is understatement when it comes to her pregnancy. :) 
Congratulations Paul & Ferry! Lyxn can't wait to see the little Poneng! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Caught Between Practicality and Devotion

This blogspot blog has been published for five years. Literally I have been writing here for five years. Just recently some time in February I decided to bought a domain for this blog. I never imagined it could be that hard leaving the blogspot blog that I am used to for years. I thought it was just simple. The transferring process is really simple and all the technicalities . But the moment I thought that I already fixed all problems, just as the time I am realizing that problem from transferring to a custom domain is just arising. It's all about the monetizing factor. The current advertiser on this blogspot blog seems like do not want a change. All my reviews and advertisers sending me an email regarding on the changes that happened. I am now, just as this moment, deciding what to do with this problem. I don't want to loose the tim sykes and other advertisers that giving me moolah in this blogging thingy. I know what to do but I am confuse in between because I really want this blog to have it's own domain but I don't want t loose the opportunities of earning online. I am caught between practicality and devotion. Devotion to my blogging personal diary and practicality of additional earning I can ave if I choose wisely.

Revealed Plans

After 10 months of working on board, brother is coming home next month. As much as he wanted his arrival to be a surprise, unfortunately his plan of surprising us will not be a surprise anymore. His good friend spill and revealed his plans. She said that he along with other friend who just came home from abroad too and his new girl friend booking for a vacation in Bohol. My reliable source even told me that my brother was asking to look for a best deals of good accommodation and affordable place like a Buffalo Hotels that they can avail. He is planning this early for their getaway, so that is already a sure clue that he will be arriving by the date he told to the reliable source. I really wanted to offer him some help since I am almost 24/7 online. Also by blog walking I have lots of resources I read and found online. But knowing him, I know he will not asks for my help. Yet I know, he visited my blogs. Probably by chance that he may drop here in this blog, he will surely know what to do, and he always know where to find me and ask for my help like a Gogobot that can extend my service. He need not to worry, I am not going to ask him much in return. *winks*

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make Money Through Blogging

I started blogging as a sort of expressing myself. I am a type of person who prefers not to complain a lot verbally. (My mom taught me that! aw!) If I speak too much I know I will hurt a lot of people or even the people I love. That's why I created this blog and how it means to me... Not until my mentor finally approached me. She was the one who introduced me in monetizing my blog that supposed to be only an online diary. She gave me tips and legit websites where I can make money . Where I can enjoy writing while earning. Who wouldn't want that!. It is still M-O-N-E-Y! Aside from enjoying what you're doing the fact that it will give me some moolah is a plus. As she influences me to earn online, I finally did my part to excel more and look for more ways and websites where I can earn. In five years of expressing myself through my blogs I may not be like other bloggers who earns big-time, but I enjoy my little earning because I look at it as a bonus. As I said it is not the main focus why I blog but a blessing that I can do both at the same time. I listed some tips what I did three years ago as I started earning through my blog.
  • I learn to be more specific and making sure that though I am writing my online diary I see to it that somehow others can relate or learn from my own experiences. In that way I may have visitors and my page will earn a rank in search engines.
  • I join websites who accepts bloggers or publishers that gives article or survey review for paid.
  • I became more friendly with other bloggers so as to share tips with them and also ask. It's a give and take thingy.
  • I always do my projects on time and double checking it before I submit it. Looking forward for more projects.
Simple ways yet effective for me. That's how easy I earn money in the world wide web. Behind all these is the patience and never losing hope attitude . It's not always a "raining opportunity". So if there's one, I see to it that I will immediately grab it, be thankful and do my best. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Preferred Network Access by Cigna

It is a necessary for everyone to invest in something that we would be benefited in the long run. One of our priorities is health and dental care plans. It is on top of our list especially for moms like me who always wants the best for my baby. AS a mom I always see to it that aside from giving the best quality service for my daughter I also wanted to save since this is the time that being wise in budgeting is a must without compromising! As I mentioned earlier that I nor hubby doesn't have a good set of teeth. So I assumed as early as today that my baby will have a not so good one in the future. Preventing it to happen starting today as I let her be taken care of the professionals. Just right in time that it is a dental health month and lots of dental services being offered everywhere. The Preferred Network Access by Cigna is an affordable dental discount plan, an alternative to dental insurance for individuals and families. One best option that we can choose among any other companies that is offering dental insurances. The Cigna dental plans from are a great way to save at the dentist." Here are a few links for reference, including details and testimonials for Cigna plan:


Thursday, February 23, 2012

How To Create a Website

Nowadays internet marketing is more appealing to the market than television advertisement. It is more common to use computer or gadget connected to internet than watching t.v at the convenience of each home. The reason why most of the businessmen prefers owning a website for their products and services. Beforehand let us talk about the basic first, about having a website. Before we can put and announce to the world anything we wanted, any service we provide, let's know  how, which and what do we need to do to have our own space in the web. I have listed the following as guidelines on how to create a website.

1. What’s your website about?
- It’s important to identify what’s your website about. Be more concrete and specific on topic that you were going to share in the net. It must be a topic that you are very familiar with.
2. Pick a domain name related or much better the same as your website title. In this way, it is more easily to be familiar for the visitor. The moment they will search for your blog title it will directly points to your domain.
3.Find a web host for your domain. A web host is the is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the world wide web. Search for the reputable and affordable hosting companies in the web.
4. Once your done setting up your website title,domain and web hosting, design your website. A more unique and personalized design is more attractive to readers/visitors. If you are not familiar how to design nor read html,java or css,hire someone that can make it for you.
These are the sounds easy steps how to make your own website. For noobie, I understand that this four steps were really a hard one but I assure you this is only a one time bigtime process. Once done it’s all set and ready to go. Your website is up for visitors.


Friday, February 3, 2012

K Lyxn's Fisrt Big Day

It's been days and still had no time to update my blog about my baby's Christening. Finally the first big day is over. Gladly it all turned out good . The preparation seemed worth the event and the big day flows smoothly. It is a DIY party. Everything is do it ourselves effort. Glad that I have a supportive family who helps me in all those. I mentioned in my hobby blog that my baby's  invitation was done and designed by me . Also the concept of souvenir and the venue set-up. I never knew I will be a creative as me today not until my princess arrived. She brings out the best in me. err. (so that will be called the best) hehehe.. The planning from menu,set-up, flow of the party til the drinking sessions was all done by me. whoa! maybe not so perfect but with the help of our relatives( me and hubby's) it all turned good as expected. But still hubby and I decided that the first birthday will not be a DIY party again, because we saw and felt how everyone's get tired after the event. Though everybody says it's all worth it still, if we will have enough funds why do we need to tied ourselves to preparation and get tired after. err?. We just want that everyone will enjoy the party without getting deadly tired.    

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Well Ventilated Place for my Baby

There were a lot of advantages a well ventilated place has. As a matter of fact it has been advised to everyone to have a well ventilated living space as much as possible. So expect that it is more of an advantage for a baby to have or live in one very well ventilated space. And that's what I want and prefer for my baby. Since mom's house has lots of large windows obviously my precious will not feel suffocation. We also saved a lot from electricity of using electric fans or air-con if there is. A fresh air easily pass with the large windows and can soothe a good feeling for a sleepy baby. It is more good for a baby to feel the fresh air from mom's trees than an alternative air coming from electric appliances. Mom's house need not to have a chandeliers just to have a very light space. Simple and some elegant modern lighting of her choice is enough to make it more feel ventilated. Plus the fact that she loves planting and cleaning every day that will make the ventilated space more light and that I can say a very good attitude if my baby will adapt it from her. The cleaning and planting thing. Back again to a ventilated space, a baby will always have a positive aura everyday she wakes up as she feels everything is so light. For a baby like mine who is a chubby and perspiration a lot, this kind of environment for her is more likely. It will reduce the risk for her to have illnesses since she was staying in a place like what mom has. I know she'll loving it and as soon as she knows how to appreciates, I know she will be thankful to her mama. My mom and her grand mom. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Mother's Take on Prescription Savings Club of Walgreens

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Currently my precious is on medication due to unpredictable weather. Her pediatrician said that it is more of an allergy  to the weather. Aside from other expenses for babies needs, it is a burden for us financially most especially emotionally about the thought of buying her meds. Like other parents as much as we want we only visit pharmacy or drugstores just for vitamins and supplements and the  like. It is a double burden that it  ates some of our budget that supposed to be for other expenditures we can provide for her. Furthermore instead of complaining about medications of coarse I will do, buy anything no matter how expensive and how it will ruin my budget just to make sure that my princess will be okay. It is the most priority to make the precious one feel better. Good thing there is Walgreens is offering a special discount on annual membership for its Prescription Savings Club. For $10 a year, a family membership covers everyone in your immediate family, including a spouse, dependents 22 and younger and pets. Individuals may join for $5. Join and receive discount prices on your prescriptions.

Furthermore, other benefits includes:
-Savings on more than 8,000 brand-name and all generic medications
-Discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers and diabetic supplies
-Bonuses when you purchase Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services

For mom's out there come and get your  Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens that surely helps us to save more and provide the needs of our family when it talks about medications.
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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Child Friendly Environment

 My playful baby
As a new mom, I am now more cautious than before. Being a freelancer, youngest of the family I never pay attention much of a more safety environment. Maybe because I am the youngest old enough to protect myself. Now that I have my baby, I am more becoming obsessive on my baby's safety. as much as I want to secure her every corner of mom's house just to protect her from dust to probable wounds. As much as I want to change a lot inside mom's house to be more suitable for a safety environment I can't. As I mentioned it's mom's house not ours. Though we were not having  problem staying in here, husband and I still considering of having our own even if it's near the current place where we are. Mom was also agreed to that idea and even help us by consulting about Mortgage refinance under her name to be easily approved upon background checking. She has established her name and reputation in terms of this kind of loans. She understands my desire of having own house for my small family. But mind dear friends I know at the back of her mind she don't want us to leave the house..hihihi.  She was just supportive . Back again, our home now is not a child friendly place. This is more of an an older persons place to live. The stair is not safe, place not dusts free and the edges of furniture were unsafe. Some were meant to the designed some were just became like that by years of used. So basically I always need to ask permission from her first before I can do what I want. Surely she will allow me but still I m sensitive to her feelings, I know some that I wanted to change has a lot of sentimental values for her. And she's getting older I don't want to depressed her though she always says she understand. I am myself also have my way to make things more easier like as what I have mentioned about owning own home near mom's. I am checking for an  FHA streamline refinance online to see what I can do little by little to make our plans into real. Fortunately there are real estate information I need that I found at  Zillow. Information I gather online help me a lot to find suitable and practical place that I can set up a child friendly environment for my baby.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teething Worries

My baby is just 2 months and a  week old. I know it's too early to worry about her having teeth. But can't blame myself why I have these early worries. I don't have  good set of teeth like as well her father and it runs in both clan. Most probably I am expecting she also will not have a good one. Of course a little hope at the back of my mind prays that she will someday. But facing and accepting reality I am also prepared. Good thing that science really evolved its pace now that almost everything has its way to be perfect. Like what Austin Dentist can do to its lots of clients. I worry no more upon checking on their website. Aside from easy to navigate and to learn more about their company, they also provide useful information that everyone can easily understand. They also provides educational videos and an open article library if some worry mommy like me wants to know all about dental problems and progress and a better treatments.  If still not satisfied on what they have online anyone can contact them through their digits posted on site wherein you will talk to experienced Austin Dentists. Needless to say I am not a hopeless worried mommy now because of this articles and helps I can rely on any time of the day. It feels good to be more fed with information related to everything might include my baby. 
Now beginning to be an obsessive mom ayt?! Can't blame me. Well every mom does. And I know someone who will be more obsessive on information than me. A very good friend (Ferry) who's patiently waiting for their bundle of joy to receive soon. I can refer to her the advantage of being informed with these help from Austin Dentists.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Package From Nailene

So happy receiving this goodies from Nailene!It is my first time to receive goodies from blogging and I am so delighted about it. I really felt so especial and lucky when I received the item. At first I thought it was a different item I bought online but in my surprise it was not! Just right in time for the upcoming event I can be more mommy fabulous with the help of these nail arts.

It was a great feeling receiving free stuff no matter how many or few it was. The thing is I felt being acknowledge! Once again thank you NAILENE!

Monday, January 2, 2012

I Don't Cook! But it didn't Made Me Less A Mommy!

I don't cook! But it didn't made me less a mommy! One of the advantages of being the youngest is I got the chance to be spoiled even until to my daughter . We were living in mom's house. Basically everything is owned by mom. Her kitchen and stuff and everything. Mom loves cooking. It's her forte. I am not just stating this as her daughter but indeed she is as everyone knows in proof of it  we formerly had a small big-time carinderia in Pembo Makati  when I was studying in college.. I called it small bigtime" because the space is only small but she earns a lot as expected. There were lots of customers, orders and even requests for a catering . Anyway that's a different story! :) But the main thing is that above is the good reason behind why I don't cook now that we were staying in her house. She does all the cooking.
I know cooking is one of the major qualification of a wife, a mom but it never state to anywhere that if a wife don't cook she's not a good wife anymore! if she don't cook she's not a good mom anymore. Moms has a lot of functions/role inside the house. If I don't cook, I can do other important roles for my small family. As I mentioned there were a lot of functions mother has. Motherhood will not only be measured by cooking duh! If time comes that I need to do so, I may not be a perfect chef at least I know some recipe. We once live on our own I am well prepared, just taking advantage of mom's presence :))

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Everything New!

Howdy everyone! Happy new year. Just before the year end I did changed my header! Hope my visitors like it as I really love it now. Finally this blog will be having a niche this year! More specific than the usual personal blog. It is now officially a mom's blog. After sorting which is which among my blogs finally I got to come up with my own home blog to make it a mom's blog. So expect to be a first time mom flooding posts more about how 's life being a mommy.
I changed my header, my blog background and even my signature. See everything new it's really a New Year here in my space :). Have a blast , prosperous and safe New Year


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